Miniature 13 – The Kickstarter


On Friday the 13th (unlucky for some but not for others) Miniature 13 launched their Kickstarter to help support the printing and sculpting of their miniatures. Their Kickstarter is set for only 17 days and has a funding goal of only €3, 000. Their first 2 models Rayne and The Overseer are planned to be released regardless of their Kickstarter but they were hoping for support for the sculpting and casting of their Eral Controller.

As of the time of my writing this not only have they reached their funding goal (they were funded in under 3 hours) but they’re currently almost at their second stretch goal. As someone who’s been following Miniature 13 for a while now I’m ecstatic for them. Well done 😁


Personally I’m amazed how things have developed from their art, to their 3d renders, to their prototypes. They’ve been able to keep each models own energy and character.

The above models are only the prototypes. There miniatures are all 32mm scale cast in a vacuum chamber, using high quality resin, they won’t be ‘restic’. The final versions will be printed at a higher resolution and cast by Zealot Miniatures.

Miniature 13’s first stretch goal was to unlock ‘Scarecrow’. Who along with Rayne will also be available in 54mm scale.

If you haven’t had a chance to read his bit of fluff do so. I’m really, really looking forward to getting my hands on him. I’ll have a tough decision ahead of me to make 32mm, 54mm or both….

Their second stretch goal will be ‘Beauty and the Beast’.


As part of their Kickstarter they have an exclusive model available only to backers at the Delta pledge level and above called ‘Frontline’.

Miniature 13 has said that she will only be available thru this and future Kickstarters.

From the start I’ve been hooked on Miniature 13’s art style and on the concepts for their models and hope I’ve tickled your interest.

If you haven’t had a chance yet, check out their Facebook page

Or check out their Kickstarter page

– from The Man Cave

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