Set Condition One: Reinforcements Inbound 

A number of months ago TTcombat released experimental rules for a new class of ship useable for 2 factions in Dropfleet Commander (UCM and the PHR factions).

Myself and others threw money together to avail of their free shipping offer at the time and ordered a bunch of stuff. Personally I got my self 2 of the new Centurion Cruisers and the Command Cards for my UCM fleet.

I’ve a large backlog of mini’s of the minute so it has taken me a while to getting them painted up.

I love the design aesthetics and fluff behind the Centurion and can’t wait till I get a chance to put them on the table.

Until next time, I’ll see you at the table.

– from The Man Cave

I Ain’t Dead, Just Taking a Break

A quick PSA for any that might be interested.

Just incase some have been wondering, I ain’t dead, I’ve just been taking a break.
Due to a wide range of issues from health to personal life, I’ve been quiet a lot lately (with all the stuff going on one after another I could write a Country and Western song), but the show must go on, if only for my own sanity.

I’ve a few things lined up and another few things in the works, so be sure to check back soon, if only to see what goodies I’ve gotten my hands on.

Dropfleet Commander Kickstarter Unboxing Part 2 – The Ships

The Man Cave takes a quick look at the Cruiser and Frigates of Dropfleet Commander.

Until next time, I’ll see you at the table.
– from The Man Cave

Dropfleet Commander Kickstarter Unboxing Part 1 – The Box 

The Man Cave received a package… It’s his Commander Level Pledge (with bolt on’s) from Hawk Wargames Kickstarter for their new game Dropfleet Commander.
We did a quick Unboxing, why not have a look.

Until next time, I’ll see you at the table.
– from The Man Cave

Christmas Haul

Christmas 2016, has come and gone, and ive gotten a nice little stash of goodies.

I got some new Gundams (a couple as early gifts)…

… paints, glue, deodarants, aftershave, and socks (plenty of socks, so many socks im thinking of building a fort out of them).

I also got a gift voucher, so I’ve bought myself a little sneaky gift.


Revell’s model version of Battlestar Galactica, from the 2005 tv series. I really loved the look of the new Galactica, so i couldnt resist.
I’ve seen there are a couple of 3rd party upgrade kits available for the kit, so I’m Gona have to save up (They’re not cheap). Cause I plan on blinging the sh@t out of this kit.
Until next time, I’ll see you at the table.
– from The Man Cave 

Dropfleet Commander on Kickstarter


Roughly a week ago Hawk Wargames launched their Kickstarter. Their aim, to fund the tooling process, so that they could release their new game (Dropfleet Commander) in plastics. Their goal amount, only £40,000. At the time of writing this article, they’re at about £310,000 in funding. Their Kickstarter was funded in under 10 minutes.

So what is Dropfleet Commander? Well, Dropfleet Commander is a tabletop spaceship combat game, designed by Andy Chambers (of Battlefleet Gothic fame) and David Lewis (the creator of Dropzone Commander), set in the universe of Dropzone Commander.

So what’s the story/ fluff to Dropfleet Commander? To answer this we have to go back to the story/ fluff of Dropzone Commander, Hawk Wargames first tabletop game.


So basically in the future mankind has moved out into the stars and colonized many worlds. One day a mysterious alien tennis ball (seriously it’s nicknamed a tennis ball in the fluff, but its not really a tennis ball) shows up with a dire message for mankind. Basically if mankind doesnt meet at a certain place, at a certain time to leave known space, mankind will fall.

As you would expect not much credence is given to the message but as the deadline gets closer and closer, more and more people begin to believe the message.

Fast forward to the time and place of the deadline, a large group of humans want to leave and the military doesnt want this. A battle breaks out, and a good chunk manages to leave, to places unknown.

Enter stage left, the baddies of the game, the Scourge. The Scourge are a parasitic race. Their ships, vehicles and technology is organic in nature. They lay waste to mankind, Earth and the worlds closets to Earth (known as the Cradle Worlds). The Scourge either kill or abduct humans to be hosts and forces surviving humans to make a run for the furthest frontier planets they can get to.

Skip forward a couple of centuries, mankind has rebuilt its civilisation and decided its time to retake Earth and the Cradle Worlds. Hoo- Ra!!!

Dropzone Commander is the tabletop game about the ground battles to reconquer the lost worlds of humanity. Dropfleet Commander will be the tabletop game about the space battles to get the troops on the ground to retake humanities lost worlds.

About a year and a half ago i hit some financial troubles and had to sell off my army of PHR (Post Human Republic, a splinter faction of humans in the game). I spent the time magnetising the dropships…


… and even gave my infantry little smiley faces…


… but when needs must.

Watching the Kickstarter has made me abit wishful. So i went out and bought the rule book again. As a fluff bunny, I found the fluff of the game great and as a little side note it was all written by David Lewis.

Hawk Wargames Kickstarter has 5 pledge levels, each of which has different benefits.

Luetenant pledge level

Commander pledge level

Captain pledge level

Commodore pledge level

Admiral pledge level (I believe this was the first level to sell out)

In the 2 Player Starter box, you’ll get 14 ships, tokens, dice, a tape measure, a map to play over, basically everything you need to start playing out of the box. You should check out the contents of the 2 Player Box for Dropzone Commander, to get an idea of what they cram in the box.

The 2 armies available in the 2 Player Starter Box will be the UCM (the United Colonies of Mankind)…


… and the Scourge…


When the game launches, your going to have dozens of options on how to build your fleet of ships. Just for cruisers alone you can build nearly any thing you want from carriers to weapons heavy. Hawk Wargames released an example of cruisers you could build for the UCM, just by using what will be on cruiser sprue…


… my favourite is the Moscow class for the UCM. The same goes for the Scourge…


As they have been smashing thru their stretch goals, all 4 factions will be released in plastic. They have shown 3D renders of the Shaltari Starter Box…


… and most recently previewed a PHR cruiser…


I have to say, so far this game looks amazing and thats just going by the information on their Kickstater and their 3 videos on The Beasts of War website.

If you get a chance drop by and have a look at their Kickstarter here! or go on over to The Beasts of War site here!

– from The Man Cave

P.S. Just to be a bit cheeky, if anyone from Hawk Wargames likes what they read and wants to gift me with new toys… I’ld be your BF for ever and Ever

Why we do, what we do…

This one has been sitting in my draft folder for months. Part of the reason is I didnt think i could do it justice or put it properly into words. I still don’t but i’m sick of looking at it in my draft folder. It’s going to be a long one, so here we go…

This time round its going to be part tutorial, part testimony and part question about why we do, what we do.

A bit of back story to set the post. Christmas just gone 2 things happened that was the basis for this post.

The first was my meta ran a Secret Santa where you got a name of a player from the meta and then spent up to €15 on a model that you would assemble and paint for that player. The second thing was I had a conversation with my older brother about what i do (about my tabletop games) and about how i’ld assemble and paint models. It got me thinking about why we (as tabletop wargamers) do, what we do.

In the Secret Santa i got the name of a Cygnar player. As he was only starting to build his army i chose to get him a Junior Warcaster (or a Junior as they’re normally known as). As he had the ‘normal’ one I got him the new character ‘Junior’ that was created for Privateer Press’s Kickstarter video game.


Lt. Allison Jakes is the name of the character. There was actually 2 versions of the model. The first was a Kickstarter backer esclusive and then a general release version. Personally I’m more of a fan for the general release version.


Once i got the model, I assembled the tools of the trade. I have my files, my superglue, a modelling tool, my green stuff and the plastic inside roll of a till roll (i use this for ‘rolling’ out green stuff).


The first step is to take the model out and double check all its parts are included in the blister. Next up i take up my files to remove any mold and flash lines from the model.


Next up i’ll use the superglue to assemble and attach the model to its base. I then prepare the green stuff.

Green stuff is an epoxy resin used in modeling, it comes in 2 parts. A yellow part + blue part. You mix the 2 parts together using your fingers with some luke warm water and it turns green (hence the name). I’ll then use it to fill in any cracks or gaps in the model before i move on to using greenstuff on the base.


For the base i simply covered it in ‘green stuff’ and then using my modelling tool i cut channels into it to simulate street pavement.


Next up comes the painting of the model. I’m not going to go into the detail of what colours I used and what techniques but rather a general overview of what was done. You can find hundreds of video’s on YouTube for miniature painting. The model was painted to fit in with the recipients army.

First up the model is ‘base coated’ with a primer colour. Then I apply the primary and secondary colours before applying a ‘wash’ to the model. A ‘wash’ is used for both to shade and to add some definition to the details of the model. Next up I touch up the model with some ‘highlights’ and try to do some ‘wet blending’ on her skirt.

I’m not a great miniatures painter. I’ld class myself as a decent tabletop painter. The results of my painting are below.


so now we get to the hard part of the post ‘Why we do, what we do’.

For me it’s part escape, part challenge, part love of the game and not forgetting the social aspect.

There’s something to be said about ‘the escape’. for that 1 hour plus, you cease to be your everyday self. All your daily live trapping melt away and your just a player. Theres just you, your opponent and the game to be played.

Theres the challenge, do i have it within me to do this. For some its the challenge of assembling and painting a miniature to the best of their ability and beyond. For others its the challenge of competition. Can I out perform others, do i have what it takes to be number 1?

And finally but not least theres the love of the game. Perhaps its the artwork, or the models, or the fluff (the background story), or the rules of a game that draws you in.

There’s something to be said about any game that draws you into a made up world or universe. For myself with Privateer Press’s game Warmachine it was the model design and rules. The idea that a giant steam powered robot has the ability to pick up a model and throw it at something else or having the ability to headbut and knock another model down is appealling to me and that these abilities are reflected in-game is great.

I feel a big part of any game is the social aspect of the game. I’ve been playing games for most of my life and i’ve found time and time again that gamers (of tabletop, board game and card games) are some of the most socially inclusive groups you’ll encounter.

** Disclaimer**
One exception might be if you interupt someone while they are in the middle of their winning master plan.

To be able to sit down with either friends or complete strangers and have fun, shoot the breeze, regardless of backgrounds, occupations or beliefs is something rare and to be treasured.

My brother asked me ‘why i do it’, tabletop wargames wise? I gave him all the reasons i just gave you. Reading back over this post i think i left out a simple but important thing. In the words of a friend ‘Witness Me!!!’.

In tabletop wargames, being able to put a fully assembled, fully painted army on the table is a statement in itself. ‘Witness Me’, I constructed this army list. I built it, I painted it and now I’m here to play it. This army is a part of me, regardless how good a player I am.

Maybe I’ve been able to communicate my thoughts, I hope so.

– from The Man Cave