Set Condition One: Dropzone Commander and Dropfleet Commander

A few months ago, it was announced that Hawk Wargames, the company responsible for the excellent games of Dropzone Commander and Dropfleet Commander, was purchased by TTCombat.

This took a lot of people by surprise, especially considering that Hawk Wargames was still in the process of fulfilling orders from their successful Kickstarter for Dropfleet Commander.

To TTCombats credit, they have, and are working hard to finalise the shipping of all product to Kickstarter backers.

And as of Friday just gone, they have launched both product lines of Dropzone Commander and Dropfleet Commander on their Website.

In celebration of this, TTcombat are offering till Sunday Febuary 4th, free shipping on orders over ¬£100, and have made available all of Hawk Wargames past and present (we’ll get to this one in a bit) show exclusive models, Preoders for Famous Commanders from Dropzone Commanders Reconquest Phase 2 Book, and the Kickstarter Exclusive models from Dropfleet Commander.
I’ve thrown together images of the preorders, show exclusives, and Kickstarter exclusives for you to have a look at.

Myself and a few others have gone in together to order some things. Myself personally I wanted the new ship for Dropfleet Commander.

Fluff wise it’s one of the few remaining types of cruiser that escaped the Scourge Invasion of earth.

Well until next time, I’ll see you athe table.

– from The Man Cave


Quick Look Artel W Miniatures – Inquisitor Gregor & The Chastener

Recently The Man Cave received a package from Artel W Miniatures.

During the Black Friday sales in November, I had a few quid to spare, so I ordered 2 models from Artel W Miniatures.
One of the models, I always wanted when a similar model was available from a different company in a larger scale. The other, was an original sculpt, based off a character from the same universe as the first.

Inquisitor Gregor

The Chastener

Come and join us as we take a quick look at these miniatures.

Until next time, I’ll see you at the table.

– from The Man Cave

Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire – Storage Solution

So you’ve bought into Games Workshop’s new game Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire. 

Maybe you’ve even bought yourself some of the expansions, and now you find yourself swamped with tokens and cards.

We’ll never fear, The Man Cave shows off his simple storage solution for all those tokens and cards.

Until next time, I’ll see you at the table.

– from The Man Cave

Quick Look РWarhammer Underworlds: Shadespire 

Not too long ago Games Workshop (GW), unveiled their new boxed game, Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire. 

I had heard of it a few months prior (although it didn’t have an official name yet), and was quite interested by it.

The game is set in Games Workshops fantasy setting of ‘Age of Sigmar’ or AOS for short. The basic fluff of the game is that you and your warband are trapped in a cursed city (Shadespire), and must basically fight other trapped warbands in order to gain enough ‘Glory’ to escape (or some such fluff reason).

In the ‘Core Box’ you get everything you need to start playing. You get 2 warbands of pre-coloured (red and blue) push fit models, 2 double sided game boards, custom dice, and a heck of a lot of cards and tokens.

A key feature of the game is how you build your deck of cards. Your deck comprises of 12 objective cards and a minimum of 20 power cards. In the Core Set you are given a preconstructed deck to begin playing with but there is also a separate deck supplied so that once you have a few games under your belt, you can begin experimenting with building a custom deck.

The game plays very quickly. It is played over 3 turns, with each player having 4 activations in a turn. Players take turns playing cards from their decks inbetween every activation. 
To win a game a player must earn ‘Glory’, ‘Glory’ is earned by removing an opponents model from play or by scoring ‘Objectives’.
 With an average game lasting 30 to 45 mins, low model count, and taking up very little physical space to play, it’s a nice change of pace from other mass infantry/ model games.

Although the push fit pre-coloured models might not be of everyone’s tastes with a lick of paint the Core Box models can really bling.

If you haven’t had a chance or if you get a chance I would recommend giving the game a try.

Until next time, I’ll see you at the table.

– from The Man Cave

Quick Look – Anvil Industry

With all the deals from Black Friday and Cyber Monday going on at the moment, it’s easy to overlook a deal or two for your plastic crack addiction.

I’ve previously mentioned a company, Anvil Industry, in a previous post regarding upgrading and expanding my Space Marine force for Warhammer 40K.
Well at the moment Anvil Industry are currently running a sale on their ‘Black Ops’ line of miniatures and parts.

We thought it would be nice to show off a range of parts that they do, to perhaps tempt you to part with some of your money.

Until next time, I’ll see you at the table.

– from The Man Cave

Product Quick Look – Citadel Painting Handle

The Man Cave has gone on a little spending spree recently. 

One of the new toys I’ve picked up is the recently released Games Workshop’s Citadel Painting Handle.

I did a little video, full of my usual nonsense and musings, so why not take a look.

Until next time, I’ll see you at the table.

Adventures in Roleplaying Part 4 – The Gathering Storm

“At the time, like most things, it seemed like a good idea.

Reasonably ok pay, three meals a day, and free board for a year. Everything seemed rosie for a change, at least until you read your contracts small print… Miserable weather, near constant marching, and routine patrols….

The air smelt of blood, death, and fecess. As what remained of Baldrick rained down on you, all you could think was that he would never return home to his family’s turnip farm.

The company had been dispatched 10 days ago to hunt down a goblin raiding party that was attacking northern homesteads.

But It wasn’t a raiding party… They were a scouting party for a larger horde.

The screams of a group of pikemen  being cleaved in two by an Orc barbarian’s Greataxe snapped you back to your senses in time to see a group of 6 Goblins armed with Scimitars charging straight for you…”

As I mentioned in a previous posting, I was getting a new group together for some D&D loving. 
We’ve had our session (0), ideas were exchanged, a social contract was signed, and characters were rolled up… And then there was a couple of weeks break till Session (1).

For party composition we have a Dwarven Cleric, a Human Fighter, a Lizardfolk Wizard, an Assimar Paladin, and a Half Elf Rogue. 

Personally I think some of them based their characters off Game of Thrones characters, but cudo’s to our player Paul for basing his Lizardfolk Wizard on a character from ‘Cadillac’s and Dinosaurs’.

 For safety sake I took a copy of their character sheets.

As I was getting back into the swing of things and I was DM’ing (dungeon mastering) for a new group, I started the group as a level 1 party. Also, instead of starting the party in a tavern, I started them in the middle of a battle with npc’s (non player characters) dying all around them. This way I could get a feel for how they Roleplay their characters and give them a taste of combat straight out of the gate.

To get my players pumped for session (2), I had there first combat encounter sort of layered. They first fought a group of 6 goblins, then followed up with 2 Orcs. 

By then end of these 2 encounters they were in a bad way, so things didn’t look too rosie when they got charged by a Troll.

Luckily our party was saved by the timely intervention of their Dwarven Sergeant D’van StoneHammer, who planted his axe in the middle of the Trolls head.

D’van reminded the party to burn the Troll before charging off to meet the oncoming green tide.

Session (1) ended with the party barely alive, facing a green tide charging at them as the scene faded to black.

I think I gave my players a good show, as I got a few ‘come on’ when the scene faded to black and my players wanting to know what happens to their characters. 
Personally I can’t wait till we get into session (2), and find out what has happened to our band of adventurers.

Until next time, I’ll see you at the table.

– from The Man Cave