I Ain’t Dead, Just Taking a Break

A quick PSA for any that might be interested.

Just incase some have been wondering, I ain’t dead, I’ve just been taking a break.
Due to a wide range of issues from health to personal life, I’ve been quiet a lot lately (with all the stuff going on one after another I could write a Country and Western song), but the show must go on, if only for my own sanity.

I’ve a few things lined up and another few things in the works, so be sure to check back soon, if only to see what goodies I’ve gotten my hands on.

IKEA: Making gaming great again

In case you were unaware, there is currently a Petition for IKEA, on Change.org, to make an affordable multifunctional table for gaming.

Started only a week ago by Brad Smokely, his IKEA petition has over 19,500 signatures.

There have been many attempts either by private companies or by Kickstarter to develop a high-quality multi-functional table for both dining and gaming, but most have been out of the price range of most of the community.

IKEA is a  leader in multi-functional furniture at affordable prices, and it is the hope of the petition that IKEA will take notice and fill this gap thru their international stores. The gaming community is already a heavy user of IKEA’s KALLAX product as it is an efficient way to store and display their gaming collections. 

An affordable multi-function gaming table designed by IKEA would not only be an incredible addition to their line of products, but would also be an essential item for people who play card games, board games, and tabletop Wargames.

Until next time, I’ll see you at the table.

– from The Man Cave

Winter is Coming… And a change to how we game

Winter is coming… And it’s bringing a change to competitive  gaming.

From my point of view, things have recently really started due to the recent lawsuit by Judges of ‘Magic: The Gathering’ against Wizards of the Coast (WOTC), and Privateer Press’s (PP) recent announcement regarding their Press Ganger program.

A breakdown of the Wizards of the Coast ‘Magic: The Gathering’ case is Here.

Basically, Judges of their (WOTC) tournaments, feel they are treated as employees, and should be due recompense, due to WOTC controlling the Judge program, and are in overall control of the tournaments and Judges duties during those tournaments. WOTC, of course, feel differently.

And given Privateer press’s recent announcement regarding their winding down of their Press Ganger program, which can be found Here.

So the way I see things is on one hand we have a company who expect a group of loyal fans and supporters to act as employees and to run big tournaments, without them benefitting from the rights and entitlements of employees.*

And on the other hand, (it looks like at least to me), that we have a company, that’s (A) trying to avoid a similar situation with their Press Gangers, and (B)  partially using it as part of a cost cutting program. As they’re also planning on no longer releasing cards with their models, instead relying on digital downloads and a print on demand program.

So given what’s happening with these two game systems/ companies, what’s in store from other companies. 

I’m looking at Paizo’s Pathfinder Society and WOTC Dungeons & Dragons organised play, to see how things play out. Both rely on fans and volunteers to run and promote their systems. 

Are we entering a period of gaming where more and more game companies will be leaving it up to the game stores to promote and run their systems. Instead of their previous fan base/ volunteers. I’m aware some systems already have an organised play system in place with game stores, such as X-wing by Fantasy Flight Games and Friday Night Magic  by WOTC, as in my local meta. 

But what about others such as Privateer Press, who relied on their Press Gangers for promoting and organising tournaments (big and small), and who’ll now be leaving things up to the brick and mortar stores. 
It’ll be interesting to see how things develop further.
Until next time, I’ll see you at the table.

– from The Man Cave 

* I’m aware previously WOTC have rewarded judges and volunteers, with limited edition cards, playmats, and other such merchandise, for their contributions and effort during and after tournaments.

Wicked Kingdom by Wylie Beckert 

Last year The Man Cave backed an illustrated playing card project on Kickstarter. That project was Wicked Kingdom by Wylie Beckert.

The Man Cave fell in love with her art style and needed to get himself a deck of these wonderfully illustrated playing cards.

If your a Roleplaying fantatic (such as D&D), these make a fantastic addition to your DM kit. As I use them in a similar vein to ‘A deck of many things’, and D&D’s Curse of Stradh’s Tarokka Deck. 

Check out more about Wylie Beckert’s illustrated playing cards Here!!!

And join me as I show off my deck.

Until next time, I’ll see you at the table.
– from The Man Cave 

On Kickstarter – Wicked Kingdom by Wylie Beckert

I had a little bit of money on my card the other night and came across this little Kickstarter when I was looking for a cheap little card game. 

I’m  not one for poker cards normally (mainly cause I suck at poker but also because I’ll risk it for a bios unit on a bad hand and loose my entire stake) but I couldn’t pass by these cards.

Wicked Kingdom is an art rich, 54 card poker deck, featuring dual-identity face cards with a narrative twist and obsessively detailed, hand-painted artwork throughout.

The artwork on the cards is gorgeous and unique, at least to me. A lot of love and time has gone into the art.

It’s always handy to have a deck of cards around the house, and if your looking for something unique you couldn’t go wrong with this deck.

Wicked Kingdom is more than just another deck of pretty pictures (although it has those too, in spades… Spades, get it?). Each face card has a personality, a backstory… and a hidden agenda. With every card, the plot thickens… 

The artwork and backstories for each card are featured in the Wicked Kingdom art book, which backers of the Kickstarter can pledge for. The art book contains process write-ups, work-in-progress snapshots, and notes from the creation of the traditionally painted images.

The Wicked Kingdom Kickstarter has only about 24 hours left, so if you want a deck for yourself get over to the Kickstarter page Now!!!

You can also find Wylie Beckert work on her website

Until next time, I’ll see you at the table.

– from The Man Cave

Joining forces…

The Man Cave is pleased to announce that we have joined up with Nerdai as a content contributor.


Nerdai is a group of gamers based in Dublin, Ireland. We produce podcasts, videos and run the Nerdai site (which can be found here!) which hosts reviews and articles based around games and other such nonsense. Nerdai are an open group and thus, are always looking for new people to get involved.

On top of this Nerdai run a weekly gaming evening
every Tuesday in the Thomas House Bar at 86 Thomas Street, Dublin 8, Ireland.

Nerdai also run the annual Non Con, which is a weekend event dedicated to all types of gaming.

So if you get a chance, why not give one or all of the links a click, and as the saying goes ‘Like and Subscribe‘… Seriously, Like and Subscribe, otherwise I’ll have to send The Night Lords to your house.

Until next time.

– from The Man Cave

The secret life of a Wargamer…

Every once in a while a certain image/ memes will show up on one of the facebook groups i’m a member of.

Typically, when i try to find it, to use in this post, its nowhere to be found.. So i’m just goning to throw this one in.


If you are a tabletop gamer you are bound to see it at some point.

Its basically an image of someone’s tabletop army displayed in all its glory, with the tag line ‘My greatest fear is that my wife will sell my models, for what I told her I paid for it’.

The image/ memes has always made me giggle secretly to myself, because for myself it’s true. I have at times ‘shaded’ the truth a little concerning the cost/ origins of my ‘toys’.


I have been playing tabletop games for a good 20 years at least.

I have played different gaming systems. I have collected different armies/ factions/ models from Space Marines + Necrons of Warhammer 40K, PanOceania’s Military Order for Infinity, Menoth + Convergence for Warmachine to the newest, The Morticians of Guildball and Gundam’s.


I just did a quick grab of some of the rule books/ army books i have lying around the house. I dont know if your like me but I tend to leave my books all over the place. One could be beside my chair, another in the kitchen and i’m not against leaving one in the bathroom.


As you can see, i play a few game systems.

Some times i myself wonder where i got the money for all my toys cause lets face it, armies/ factions arent cheap.

Sure, my other half gives me money come christmas or my birthday for my ‘toys’ but an army/ faction doesnt come from that.


May be i’m a Plastic Crack Addict, or suffer from Shiney Penny Syndrone, but there’s always that new something on the horizon that i want.

As a matter of fact, i recently received a bunch of new models from Miniature 13, that i backed on Kickstarter (on the sly), i’ve backed Hawk Wargames Kickstarter for Dropfleet Commander and i’m after getting new toys for Hawk Wargames Dropship Commander.

I have a misses and 3 kids, and my wages only go so far, so i have to be alittle ‘inventive’. At times i’ve ‘won’ models, a friend ‘gave’ them to me but usually i just sneak them into the house. If asked about them, the usual answer is ‘They’ve been sitting out in the shed for ages’


At the moment i have 2 boxes of Malifaux models (Rasputina + Sonia Crew boxes if i remember) and the starter box of Star Trek Attack Wing hiding in my mothers house for the past year or so, cause i havent sneaked then in yet and have been distracted by other ‘toys’.

What about you guys? Have you always been honest about where your ‘toys’ have come from?

– from The Man Cave

Gamersworld, Dublin

Situated in Dublin City Centre, on Jervis st you’ll find Gamersworld. The largest store in Dublin City Centre that’ll meet all your gaming needs whether that’s tabletop wargames, board games, card games or accessories.


A picture of the front room of Gamersworld. Where all your gaming needs can be met whether that's a tabletop game, a board game or a card game.

Open 7 days a week, with a number of gaming clubs and groups based out of Gamersworld there’s always a game of some sort to be had. Some of the games played here are Warhammer, Warhammer 40K, Warmachine, Hordes, X- Wing, Star Trek: Attack Wing, Magic: the gathering, Yu- Gi- Oh and Pokemon.


Just some of the modelling supplies and other game systems that Gamersworld supply.

The staff of Gamers world are friendly and helpful. Always willing to offer advice and suggestions for games and accessories.


Just some of the board games Gamersworld stock.

If your looking for something that Gamersworld doesn’t currently have they are happy to order it in for you.


Gamersworld carry a great selection of Privateer press items.

The evening times can be quite busy in Gamersworld and gaming tables fill up quickly but for a minimal fee you’re able to book a table for the evening.


The gaming room of Gamersworld. Where everyday people get together to play their tabletop, board and card games.

So if your in the city centre why not drop by, have a look around, maybe even pick up a game.

Gamersworld, 1 Jervis St, Dublin 1
PH no: (01) 804 4540

Opening Times:

Monday : 11 am to 6 pm
Tuesday : 11 am to 10 pm
Wednesday : 11 am to 10 pm
Thursday : 11 am to 10 pm
Friday : 11 am to 10 pm
Saturday : 10 am to 6 pm
Sunday : 11 am to 6 pm

So what is there for me part deux…

Next we shall touch on card games. Most Card games fall into 2 types, a Living Card Game (LCG for short) or a Collectible Card Game (CCG).

In a LCG packs of cards are released on a regular basis. In these packs players have access to all the cards for that release.

In a CCG, again packs of cards are released on a regular basis. In these packs the cards a player gets are a lucky dip. Where players may have to buy multiple packs in order to obtain the cards that they want.

The most known and widely played card game is Magic: The Gathering. Some other card games include Android: Net Runner and Privateer Press’s High Command (based on their tabletop game).

Very basically 2 or more players would choose a faction or deck of cards choosen from a pool of cards. In most card games there is a resourse element where some cards are used/ spent in order to put other cards into play. Certain cards have certain abilities, powers or strengths that you would use either to attack your opponent or to complete an objective.

Some of the attraction of these types of games comes from:

* Building the deck of cards you would be using.
* Creating synergies between cards/ abilities.
* Card games by their very nature are competitive.
* you enjoy collecting.

– from The Man Cave