Wicked Kingdom by Wylie Beckert 

Last year The Man Cave backed an illustrated playing card project on Kickstarter. That project was Wicked Kingdom by Wylie Beckert.

The Man Cave fell in love with her art style and needed to get himself a deck of these wonderfully illustrated playing cards.

If your a Roleplaying fantatic (such as D&D), these make a fantastic addition to your DM kit. As I use them in a similar vein to ‘A deck of many things’, and D&D’s Curse of Stradh’s Tarokka Deck. 

Check out more about Wylie Beckert’s illustrated playing cards Here!!!

And join me as I show off my deck.

Until next time, I’ll see you at the table.
– from The Man Cave 

To Cos, or not to Cos Part 3

Unfortunately I still haven’t gotten any ‘actual’ work done on my Cosplay done yet 😔
Instead of getting a refill for my printer, so I could start printing templates. I got a chance to pick up the Numenera Starter Set by Monte Cook Games and have a piece of art commissioned for myself.
My middle daughter wanted to get in on making a cosplay, so she decided to try a little test costume.

In the meantime Andrew DFT, has released the first part in making a helmet for a Titanfall costume.

Until next time, I’ll see you at the table.
– from The Man Cave 

To Cos, or not to Cos Part 2

I got a bit of work done on my Titanfall Cosplay this week, sort of.

I found a tutorial for armour on YouTube. It’s by AndrewDFT (the armour is actually for a Halo ODST but it’s a cool armour design, and using it as a base I can modify it),  and I actually bought the templates from his Etsy store. It only cost €4.18.

I also found a tutorial on how to make a CAR SMG from Titanfall, again by AndrewDFT, and downloaded the templates for free.

And then I hit a snag, when I went to print the Templates I found my printer was out of ink… D’oh. I’m a bit broke this week so the ink/ templates will have to wait till next week.
Until next time, I’ll see you at the table.
– from The Man Cave 

To Cos, or not to Cos

So my eldest daughter, who’s a very talented artist, has decided that she wants to try her hand at doing Cosplay. It’s not just fatherly pride in her skills when I say she’s talented, i’ld ask you to check out the Facebook page I set up to encourage her (https://m.facebook.com/mydaughtertheartist/) if you don’t believe me.
Anyway, It’s my own fault. As I was only half listening to her at the time I agreed to it (D’oh). That means, this muppet, has to learn some new skills, and I have an excuse to buy some new goodies.
So to help me along, I’m going to Cosplay as well. While my daughter still has to choose what she wants to cosplay as, I’ve chosen a pilot from the video game series ‘Titanfall’ for myself.

I’m using the above image from Respawn Entertainment as a basis for my cosplay.
As part of this experience I’m going to run a little series on how I do, and how much it Gona cost me. So let’s start…

•Army type jacket, this cost me nothing as my brother was throwing it out.

•grey long sleeve t shirt, this cost me €3 from Penny’s.

•Circle Scarf, I got the scarf in Penny’s, it was labelled €5, but when I got to the till I was only charged €1, score!!!

•Heat Gun, this cost me about €30ish in Argos. On the plus side I’ve already used it to defrost my freezer 👍.

•Sharpening stone, I got this in my local hardware store. It cost me about €6.50.

•Metal ruler, I got this also in my local hardware store. It cost me €4.

• Self healing cutting mat, I got this in my local stationary/ craft store called ‘The Works’, it set me back €4.50.

• Cutting knife with extra blades, cost me €3, I got this at work.
So… So far I’ve spent about €50 this week on bits and pieces, and that’s enough spending for 1 week. Next week I’ll pick up some more pieces.
Until next time, I’ll see you at the table.
– from The Man Cave

RPG Review – Dungeons & Dragons 5E Starter Set

I got a little package a while ago (at the time of finishing this article, a good while ago. Stupid real world matters interfering in my imaginary world), and I’m only getting around to writing about it now. 


Inside the packaging is the Starter Set for Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) 5th Edition. Fifth Edition has been out now for a couple of years, so it’s about time we took a look.


We have some nice artwork on the front of the box, something that for me really captures what comes to mind when I first think of D&D.

Inside the box we find a bag of dice, a number of pre-generated characters, an advert with a blank character sheet on the reverse side, a Starter Set Rulebook, and an adventure to play thru.


The meat and potatoes of the box is really the rule booklet and the adventure booklet.

The rule booklet is a condensed rule set taken from the Players Handbook for 5th Edition.

Inside we have a Disclaimer, a little funny blurb that fans have come to enjoys in the books of 5th Edition.

The Rulebook is broken up into a number of different chapters, to teach you the basics of what you need to run the adventure such as adventuring, combat, and spell casting. Littered thru the Rulebook is some nice art work to give you a feel for each chapter.

For the adventure, unfortunately, due to the usual culprits (life, work, etc) I’ve yet to run the full adventure. So I’ll just comment on my play experiences so far (which is to the town of Phandelver).
The adventure starts you off slow and easily. Your introduced to how combat works pretty early, and then it starts to scale up. During our first encounter/ chapter of the adventure my group had 3 or 4 oppertunites to Roleplay their characters, and more once they got to the town.

From all the reviews I had previously read, and from our 2 sessions so far it’s a good adventure, and I look forward to either continuing or starting again with a new group.

Now abit of the negative about the ‘Starter Box’. Don’t worry there’s only a couple, and to be honest they’re mostly nit picky.

This isn’t a beginners box, when I say this what I mean is that, to me, the box assumes either A. You’ve pressiously have played earlier editions of D&D, or B. You have previous experience with a RPG system.

The ‘Starter Box’, to me, has more of the feeling of ‘Here’s the rules to 5th Edition, now go have fun’. It doesn’t hold your hand as say other RPG beginner boxes would.

Although on the back of the box it looks like there’s maps/ handouts in the box, there isn’t any. All the locations are in the adventure book which usually only the DM (Dungeon Master) has access to. 

My main gripe with the Rulebook is to do with how spells are organised. In the Rulebook it lists what spells are available to your pre generated characters, the cleric and wizard, by class and level.

However, when you flip the page to find out what the spells do…

…The spells are organised in alphabetical order rather than by class or level. That’s my main gripe with this box.

All in all, What you get in the box far exceeds any gripes I might have, and for the price point and entry level requirement it’s very good. 

As a little side note, Dungeons and Dragons, although being out for decades, has recently and finally been added to the Toy Hall of Fame, so what are you waiting for.

Until next time, I’ll see you at the table.

– from The Man Cave

Titansgrave: The Hermit’s Road


‘The Hermit’s Road’ is a 12 page adventure based in the world first introduced in Titansgrave: The ashes of Vakana. The adventure is designed for characters of level 2 to 4.

In ‘The Hermit’s Road’, players are sent to investigate the existence of purported pre-Cataclysm ruins on the outskirts of the City-State of Karros. Here they discover more than they bargained for, as the ruins hide a secret more valuable than gold or jewels…. ohh that sounds ominous doesnt it.

The Hermits Road, is a pretty standard and bland dungeon crawler in itself. It’s  an easy introduction for players into the world of Titansgrave, without players having knowledge of the show hosted by Wil Wheaton or the story line of ‘The ashes of Valkana’.

To myself, i see it to be a stepping stone into your own adventures in the world of Titansgrave. It offers alot of adventure hooks, both at the start of the adventure and at the end of it.

Personally, I can see myself setting up a story line that could involve Mr. Voss (a character from The ashes of Valkana book and show) or possibly Skot Dooling, the Golem Master of Karros (who’s mentioned in The ashes of Valkana book), or possibly another character.

The adventure also introduces a new character, that could be used as a reacurring character in future adventures. Depending on the tone of your adventure, he could be portrayed in a number of interesting ways.

The adventure introduces about 3 new adversarys, one of which I think is a pretty cool concept, if not a little over powered for a starting group to face off against.

The Hermit’s Road, cost me about $4. $4 dollar for a 12 page adventure, is it worth it? If I’m being honest, personally  I would say ‘Yes’, I’m a bit of a fan boy but… It is a bit pricey and it’s not a must have. 

On the other hand it does offer you a start to your own adventurings without being constrained by The ashes of Valkana storyline. It offers a new character, new baddies to fight, a little bit of fluff, and a new location.

All in all, It’s a nice addition to the Titansgrave range, which has been a bit lacking thus far. I only assume it’s because Green Ronin were waiting to see what the plot was for season 2 of Titansgrave before releasing any additional content.

Until next time, I’ll see you at the table.

– from The Man Cave

Adventures in Roleplaying Part 2 – The Teaser

In Part 1 of this series, i talked a bit about my desire to GM (Games Master) an adventure and about what system I was going to use.

I have a plot and I have most of the area design done. For the adventure, its going to be linear, to try and keep things as easy as possible for me. In other words going from A to B to C, but that doesnt mean theres not going to be options for players or at least the illusion of options.

From watching tip videos on YouTube i think i’ve gleamed abit to help keep the game interesting. One of the best bit of advice i’ve learned is to be flexible. Players will rarely be directly funneled in a Roleplaying game, so flexability is the key. This goes for the roleplaying ‘script’ of the adventure also. Theres a couple of monologue moments from NPC’s but for the most part I’m trying to keep the ‘script’ as bullet points to allow for flexibility.

I’m aiming for a sort of survival, sci-fi horror for my first adventure. All your typical roleplaying races will be available Human, Orc’s, Elves etc.

The genius that I am, when I ordered the hardback version of the Fantasy AGE rule book and GM Screen I picked the cheapest shipping option so I wont have them till August… oh well.

In the mean time, I slapped together a little teaser trailer… no expense spent.

Until next time, I’ll see you at the table.

– from The Man Cave