On the road to the WTC 2015 part 4

So its a new year, a new start to the gaming year. So a quick little update on how things have been going. So far this year I’ve only managed to get 3 games in of Warmachine (damn real life keeps intervening with my games). I’ve played games with Lucant, Iron Mother and just to switch things up I fielded Aurora.


So far i’ve suffered 3 defeats. I had 2 defeats by scenario’s and 1 by assassination. The new scenario rule set for 2015 was released last month and I’m still in the process of learning the changes. One huge change this year is that players can choose an objective to include in their army during list creation. The new objectives have a standard stat line as in defense 5, armour 18 but its their special rules that really switch things up. Each objective has its own special rules 1 allows Jacks/Beasts to charge for free, another reduces damage an objective takes from ranged attacks were another damages a model that attacks an objective. Its all exciting how it all works with the lists i’ve been playing so far.

Its still about a month away till the Irish teams for the WTC is revealed but in the mean time details for the Solo Masters event have gone up.


– from The Man Cave

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