Taking a journey back to Homeworld


Homeworld was/ is a Real Time Strategy (RTS) game released in 1999. It was released and developed by Sierra and Relic. It featured a three dimensional game universe and it is a freaking awesome epic game.

Between the musical score, the cut scenes, the plot, the missions the game is amazing. The plot of the game is worthy of a Hollywood film. The basics of the plot is your race discovers an ancient ship wreck buried in the sands of a great desert. Within the wreckage, a starmap is discovered that reveils the location of your peoples original Homeworld. The discovery finally unite your people and they set about building a Mothership to take them home. During a test of the Motherships systems your world is attacked… I could tell you more but it would ruin it for you and to be honest I couldn’t do it justice.


Tell me that’s not epic… The plot of Home world is advanced thru hand drawn cut scenes and in game narrations. Individuals have actually little parts and its rather the races/ groups that the story takes shape around.

In each of Homeworld’s missions players must accomplished objectives and once completed your given the option of immediately jumping the Mothership to the next mission or hanging around to finish mining the map for resources. Your Mothership is your construction yard. It basically builds all your ships from resource collectors and fighters all the way up to frigates and destroyers. All of your ships that survive a mission are carried over to the next mission. So its possible for a ship you built at the start of a game to survive to the end of the game. The game also offers an option to salvage/ steal abandoned or hostile ships.

Homeworld has IMO some great some great missions. One mission has you protecting the Mothership from an asteroid storm, another has you sneaking thru a debris field in a radiation belt to silence a listening post where as one of the final missions has you assaulting an installation that’s literally surrounded by enemy vessels.

The other day a friend sent me a link and…


Homeworld Remastered… If you can, get this game. You won’t be disappointed.

– from The Man Cave

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