To Cos, or not to Cos

So my eldest daughter, who’s a very talented artist, has decided that she wants to try her hand at doing Cosplay. It’s not just fatherly pride in her skills when I say she’s talented, i’ld ask you to check out the Facebook page I set up to encourage her ( if you don’t believe me.
Anyway, It’s my own fault. As I was only half listening to her at the time I agreed to it (D’oh). That means, this muppet, has to learn some new skills, and I have an excuse to buy some new goodies.
So to help me along, I’m going to Cosplay as well. While my daughter still has to choose what she wants to cosplay as, I’ve chosen a pilot from the video game series ‘Titanfall’ for myself.

I’m using the above image from Respawn Entertainment as a basis for my cosplay.
As part of this experience I’m going to run a little series on how I do, and how much it Gona cost me. So let’s start…

•Army type jacket, this cost me nothing as my brother was throwing it out.

•grey long sleeve t shirt, this cost me €3 from Penny’s.

•Circle Scarf, I got the scarf in Penny’s, it was labelled €5, but when I got to the till I was only charged €1, score!!!

•Heat Gun, this cost me about €30ish in Argos. On the plus side I’ve already used it to defrost my freezer 👍.

•Sharpening stone, I got this in my local hardware store. It cost me about €6.50.

•Metal ruler, I got this also in my local hardware store. It cost me €4.

• Self healing cutting mat, I got this in my local stationary/ craft store called ‘The Works’, it set me back €4.50.

• Cutting knife with extra blades, cost me €3, I got this at work.
So… So far I’ve spent about €50 this week on bits and pieces, and that’s enough spending for 1 week. Next week I’ll pick up some more pieces.
Until next time, I’ll see you at the table.
– from The Man Cave

Building the Galactica Part 1

With the Holidays over, and the kids going back to school (finally), I have time in the mornings to start my first project of the year… Building Revell’s 1:4105 scale Battlestar Galactica.

I had a day off work yesterday, so I got to work on the Galactica. It was time to take the old girl out of mothballs. 
First up, I had to wash the model parts in Luke warm soapy water to get rid of any release agent on the model. Then the boring part, I had to leave them to air dry.

Once dry, I began to cut them from their runners, dry fit a few parts, and start to plan out the build.
I’m starting with the Galactica’s alligator head. First up I’m going to be working on her armour panels.

She has some nice, very nice, panel lines between her armour sections, but they are a bit too shallow for my liking. I want them to have a bit more depth and feel of giant slabs of armour bolted on to her, so I’m going to panel scribe the armour sections a bit more. 

My hoping for doing this is firstly that once painted they’ll stand out even more and secondly have a more worn/ battle damaged look.

Using my home made panel scriber (no expense spared), I got to work. This is going to take a while, so be sure to check back every once in a while, to see how she’s coming along.
Until next time, I’ll see you at the table.
– from The Man Cave

Dark Matter

Just last night I had the chance to watch the first episode of Syfy Channels new Sci-fi show ‘Dark Matter’. So what is ‘Dark Matter’?

Ehhh, no not that ‘Dark Matter’, rather this one…

So what’s the show about and more importantly what’s it like? I’ll try not to give any spoilers away…

So whats the show about, well… 6 people wake up on a damaged ship with no memories of who they are or how they got on board… That didn’t take long now did it?

So whats the show like? Stargate SG-1’s Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie are behind Syfy’s new series, which explains (at least to me) a few things. I may be wrong, but to me the show seems to reuse the set of Stargate Universe…

… I was a fan of this show, shame it was cancelled, ah well I digress…

There’s not much of CGI in the first episode. The opening, a little bit of space flight and a smidgen more. The ship seems familiar in design/ looks but at the mo I can’t place it. On whole, decent enough. The sets are dimly lit with adds to the mystery of who are we? Where are we? What’s behind this door?

The characters… The characters are your typical cliché sci-fi group. Now these are based off my views and are up for change as the show develops because remember they don’t remember who they are. So roles could reverse. You have your leader character which is female (spoiler), your out for themselves gunslinger type, the intelligent tech type, the con man type, the big strong man with a soft heart type etc etc. To me theres really only one character that seems out of odds but we’ll wait and see how that develops before passing judgement. The actors seem to mesh well together which is good compared to some shows were its taken a few episodes for the actors to get comfy with each other.

On the whole not a bad start to a new series. I have some hopes for the show. To me it hints as a possible successor to Firefly…

Another show I liked but was cancelled… I think I’m starting to see a pattern…

I look forward to seeing how the season + characters develop….

– from The Man Cave