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A long time ago, someone very dear to me gave me advice. Part of which was basically ‘At some point in your life have some kind of art made for you, it doesn’t matter what it is’.
Now as a self confessed geek/ nerd, I’ve always gone for things that have resonated with me, on one level or another. Whether that was toys, what I read, games, art, etc.
When I was in my early 20’s I got a tattoo, to always remind myself of what ideals and principles to strive for (my scrawny arms just happened to come free with the tattoo).

Recently I learned that an artist I know, thru my love of all things geek, was accepting commissions. As I have been a fan of his art style,  I jumped on that chance and had a piece of art commissioned of my 3 favourite characters from the Marvel universe.

The artist, was Wayne Talbot. One third of the Irish Pubcast crew, Whovian, contributor to geekirelandonline, and alround nice guy.

With his permission I grabbed a couple of his works, and thru them together to showcase some of his talent.

**Disclaimer- the first piece of art featuring ‘Dark Wayne’ was by another very gifted artist, Lisa Marie Farrell, and was commissioned by Ciaran Marcantonio. **

If you like Wayne’s style, then good news. He’s accepting some commission work at the moment.
You can contacting him on Facebook, on Twitter (@waynetalbot) or by Email (


Killer Stompy Robots!!!!

Incase you didnt know, I love ‘Mecha’.

To me, ‘Mecha’, is basically giant stompy robots or things that incorporate the mechanical.

The Iron Giant, still has a  place in my heart, even after reading it nearly 30 years ago. Transformers (G1, of course) remains my favourite animated robot tv show. Bandai’s Gundam model kits have become my favourite toy range. Ghost in the Shell, my favourite Anime. I even have a soft spot for the film ‘Pacific Rim’.

So when i learned that there is going to be a real life Stompy Robot Fight, I was all on board. The fight’s going to be the West vs the East.

I’m stoked for this fight and i’m hopeful it’ll occur every couple of years.

I first learned of the 2 robots from The Beasts of War website a good while ago.

To learn more, and see the Stompy Robots in action click Here!!!, Gizmag have a full article about them.

Until next time, I’ll see you at the table.

– from The Man Cave

The Man Cave takes a trip to Dublin City Comics and Collectibles


Based on Bolton St, just across the road from D.I.T. Bolton St, you’ll find a little shop called Dublin City Comics and Collectibles.


Even before you enter the store, the shops front window display entices you…

Inside the shop, its a treasure trove of movie, TV, comics and animated genres. The store has a thriving second hand market. Where its possible to find something for everyone’s taste,


Dublin City Comics has an amazing range of Transformers. Both new and second hand. I was lucky enough to be there the day wave 2 of the Combiner Wars Transformers arrived.

They stock a range of lines from Transformers, Gundum, Zoids, Star Wars, Hot Toys, PoP!, G.I. Joe and more. Odds are if your looking for something they either have it or can get it for you. I was surprised to learn that Ireland has quite a large Gundum following.


Even Starlord and Snake Pliskin stop by to hang out…


We had a chance to interview James the owner/ operator of Dublin City Comics.

If you have a chance and are in the area I would definitely advise to pay them a visit. If your looking for something, odds are they’ll either have it or are able to get it for you.

Dublin City Comics and Collectibles

Contact no: +353857717633

Opening Hours:

Mon. 12 pm – 6pm
Tues. 10 am – 6 pm
Wed. 10 am – 8 pm
Thurs. 10 am – 6 pm
Fri. 10 am – 6 pm
Sat. 12 pm – 6 pm
Sun. 3 pm – 6 pm

– from The Man Cave