I got a new Gundam (Gundam Ez-SR to be exact)…


So after having so much fun assembling and playing with my Powered GM Cardigan I had to get another Gundam. After all I didn’t want him getting lonely.

Now i might reference or use some terms that you might not be familiar with but dont worry.

Normally i dont like the ‘classic’ Gundam look (i dont like the colours basically). Although shape wise the Ez- SR is based off the RX- 79 (G or Ground type, the classic looking gundam) it doesnt have the ‘classic’ Gundam look or colours.

The Ez- SR is an evolution in design. So basically there is:

* The ‘classic’ RX- 79(G)


* Then the RX- 79(G) EZ8


* Then my new Gundam, the RX- 79(G) Ez- SR


The box contains enough parts to build one of the three Gundam Ez-SRs used by Team SRSC in the animated series Team Try Fighters.

The first variant is the Ez-SR1 Intruder, designed to directly engage the enemy unit in close range combat while RX-79(G) Ez-SR2 Eliminator
 and RX-79(G) Ez-SR3 Shadow Phantom provide artillery fire and support functions. If your interested in details about the Ez- SR’s more info on them can be found here.

Of the three variants my personal favourite is the Ez-SR1 Intruder although due to the amount of parts and pieces you get in the box, this model is crying out to be customized. Mix and match the parts in the box, add parts from other kits, let your imagination run wild.

My local Gundam club is running a competition for customizing a High Grade Hi- Mock kit at the moment and I have an idea for a custom so be sure to check back soon to see how it works out.

– from The Man Cave