I Ain’t Dead, Just Taking a Break

A quick PSA for any that might be interested.

Just incase some have been wondering, I ain’t dead, I’ve just been taking a break.
Due to a wide range of issues from health to personal life, I’ve been quiet a lot lately (with all the stuff going on one after another I could write a Country and Western song), but the show must go on, if only for my own sanity.

I’ve a few things lined up and another few things in the works, so be sure to check back soon, if only to see what goodies I’ve gotten my hands on.

My 30 Day World Scifi Version #7


Question #7: What’s your world biggest secret?


The closer one gets to the visible source of power, the further away one gets…

My 30 Day World Scifi Version #7


Question #7: How common are adventuers and Heros in your world?


There’s always someone looking for a crew. Some job need doing. If you don’t ask too many questions, and get the job done, there’s always a pay day waiting… And I am to misbehave.
– Captain  M. Reynolds 

My 30 Day World Scifi Version #6


Question #6: how prevaliant is Magic? Where does it come from?


‘I’ve sailed from one side of the Arm to the other. I’ve seen some crazy, wonderful stuff in my time. Stuff that’d make you fill your breeches. Stuff that’d make you believe in the divine. Stuff that’d play with your sanity.’

– Exert from ‘A Sailors Life’, credited to Joesph Yuno, First Mate of the Blue Azure Trader Vessel.

My 30 Day World Scifi Version #5


Question #5: What event in your world altered its history?


The Acquisition War. 

With the outbreak of the war, it seemed like you couldn’t  throw a stone without finding yourself in the middle of a Battlegroup belonging to one side or the other. Piracy became almost suicidal.

‘In every crisis there’s oppertunites’ is an the old saying, and Ryan took the opportunity to take advantage of the crisis. With fighting raging across every system, there were flotillas of refugees out in the void looking for somewhere safe to harbour out the war…

The plan Ryan made with the other captains was simple. Offer the refugees a safe harbour, and then let them ‘give’ you everything they had, in thanks for their safety, of course…

My 30 Day World Scfi Version #4


Question #4: Who is the most renowned hero in your world.

‘The Lord Admiral’ aye I knew him. The withered husk of an old man leaned forward, his eyes coming alive with the memories of yester years. ‘Sailed under his banner I did’.

‘Never been another Lord Admiral since him, you know that boy’…

The old mans frame shook as he started to chuckle to himself ‘Couldn’t hit the hull of a starship, even if he was docked beside it, and don’t ask him to swing more than a bread knife, or he’ll cut himself. But by the lanes, that man could plan and organise. He could out think, out plan, out tricked all of ’em. All of ’em. Won us the wars, you know that boy’ said the old man as he took a sip of his rum.

My 30 day world #4


Question #4: Who is the most renowned hero in your world?

D’van StoneHammer has had, let us say an interesting life.

A Prince of Stonekeep, a Brother to a King, a Shield of the Stone, a Commander of the Border Legions, and Envoy of the City but to name a few of his titles. 

In his lifetime he has played the part of royalty, diplomat, and soldier. Not for him was the bounty and pleasure of the royal courts, nor the tedious talking and negotiations of a diplomat,  his life found meaning in service to his beloved city with the Border Legion, keeping the city safe from things that dwelt beyond the city walls.

My 30 day world #3


Question #3: Who is the most neferious villain in your world?

My daddy always said ‘I never met a person that didn’t want something from someone, but then again. There was never a time I didn’t want something from someone ‘. 

My 30 day World Scifi Version #3


Question #3: who is the most neferious villain in your world

In a world where nearly anything is for sale. Loyalties and favours are traded in back room deals, like chips at a poker table. There is an unwritten law….

Crew, Family, Lord… But not always in that order.

My 30 Day World Scifi Version #1 & 2


Question #1: What is your 30 second elevator pitch


The future is not a golden age for Humanity. 

Overpopulation, scarcity of food and basic supplies are rampant.

A new way for humanity to leave the cradle of earth and venture out into the void had to be found.

The future is full of fraustian bargains and deals.

Question #2: What is your world called?Why is it called that?

According to Commonwealth records, the world is L1-B3R-79…
According to its inhabitants, the world is called ‘Liberty’.
100 years ago, Liberty, was an unexplored rock, on the outer edges of the Commonwealth. Used by pirates as a safe haven and base from which to launch raids on Commonwealth trade routes.
That was before the Pirate Lords gave safe harbour to those fleeing The Acquisition War and before The First War for Liberty.
Liberty is the only Free Port, and the only world not under Commonwealth control in the known worlds. Protected by the fleets of the 5 Pirate Lords, and their descendants.
Today It exists as a Free Nation, a centre of trade, an open port, a holiday destination and a place to fulfill nearly any delight and to make nearly any deal…