The Man Cave talks with Rogue Comics

The Man Cave had a chance to speak with Wayne Talbot, Creative Director of Rogue Comics (not Rouge Comics).

Rogue Comics are a Dublin, Ireland based Independent comic book publisher. Founded in 2017, Rogue Comics strive to be a portal into the world of Indie Comic Books for creators who just want to tell great stories.

Some of their published works include The Broker, Red Sands, and Ocean City.

The Rogue Comics team consists of:

  • Ciaran Marcantonio – Editor in Chief
  • Wayne Talbot – Creative Director 
  • Kevin Keane – Art Director 
  • Gillian Dempsy – Managing Editor 

Rogue Comics website can be found Here, and if you’ld like to drop them a line, they can be contacted Here.

Until next time, I’ll see you at the table.

– from The Man Cave