On the road to the WTC 2015 Part 6 – Leprecon XXXVI

Sunday just gone, the 8th of March, i headed off to Leprecon XXXVI to take part in a Steamroller 2015 event for Privateer Press’s Warmachine and Hordes tabletop miniature game. I thought i’ld do a little write up.

After alot of going back and forth between Casters and lists i decided on Father Lucant and Iron Mother Directrix.

We had a decent show for the event, about 16 players showed up. Alot of the community is saving their money for the Irish Masters at the end of the month, which will run from friday evening thru to Sunday evening.

So the event was slated for 4 rounds, each player brings 2 lists both of 50 points. Each list had to be played at least once. The tournament was to use Deathclock timing. Deathclock timing is where each player has 1 hour to play a game each round of the tournament. If your time runs out, it’s considered a loss.

My first game was verses Harry Cullen (of Irelands 2014 WTC Team Craic) who plays Cygnar.

I didnt fancy either of my lists against his lists. So I played my Iron Mother Directrix list (more to get it out of the way so that i could play lucant for the rest of the day). Harry chose his Styker2 list as i thought he would in response to a Lucant list. Unfortunately this was a bad game for me and i lost by assassination. Although i did think this was a playable game, this game for me was 1 brain fart after another. I think with Iron Mother i suffer with the ‘shiney penny’ syndrome. In that she has the ability to play different styles (as a gun platorm or a spell slinger) but you have to decide what style and dont go off plan during the game. The game ended with me scoring 0 Control Points and 12 Army Points.

My second game was verses Conor Goulding, another Cygnar player. He chose to play Striker3, I chose Lucant.

My Perforators did great in this game crippling the arms on his 2 Warjacks (an Avenger and the character Warjack Rowdy). Despite taking a good lead of 3 Control Points due to Stryker3’s Feat and Electro Leaps Conor was able to turn the tide and start scoring. In the end i was left with the choice of charging an enemy model to try contest an objective to stop Conor from scoring. Unfortunately I didnt get enough distance and lost the game to scenario. The game ended with me scoring 3 Control Points and 11 Army Points.

My third game was verses Eoin Dornan (of Northern Irelands WTC 2014 Team), who was playing the Protectorate of Menoth. He chose a Reznik2 list, i chose Lucant.

I have to say this game was my favourite of the day. This game seemed to sway back and forth between us. Eoin’s Feat turn (called Purge the Unbelievers) lasted 25 minutes alone and had me scared.

He succeeded in getting Lucant down to only 3 health. On my turn, thru repairs from my Optifex Directive and Galvanizer light Vector, Lucant was healed back up till he only had 3 damage on him. My Reciprocators buffed up by Lucants spell ‘Positive Charge’ took care of Eoin’s Reckoner Heavy Warjack. Unfortunately for me on Eoin’s turn, he cleared out space and claimed the win. The game finished as a scenario loss for me. I claimed 3 Control Points and 20 Army Points. I cant say enough how much i enjoyed this game.

my final game was verses our main Trolls player Noel. He played P. Doomshapers tier list ‘Runes of War’. I played Iron Mother.

Trolls have constantly been a problem for me since i started playing Convergence of Cyriss and ‘Runes of War’ the biggest. Basically how ‘Runes’ plays is it slowly advances behind moveable walls. When in range its units of Runeshapers knock you down then P. Doomshapers Heavy Beasts come at you and tear you up. This game ended as an assassination of my Caster. I managed 0 Control Points and 20 Army Points.

I had some great games and fun at Leprecon. Hope you enjoyed my little write up.

– from The Man Cave