To Cos, or not to Cos

So my eldest daughter, who’s a very talented artist, has decided that she wants to try her hand at doing Cosplay. It’s not just fatherly pride in her skills when I say she’s talented, i’ld ask you to check out the Facebook page I set up to encourage her ( if you don’t believe me.
Anyway, It’s my own fault. As I was only half listening to her at the time I agreed to it (D’oh). That means, this muppet, has to learn some new skills, and I have an excuse to buy some new goodies.
So to help me along, I’m going to Cosplay as well. While my daughter still has to choose what she wants to cosplay as, I’ve chosen a pilot from the video game series ‘Titanfall’ for myself.

I’m using the above image from Respawn Entertainment as a basis for my cosplay.
As part of this experience I’m going to run a little series on how I do, and how much it Gona cost me. So let’s start…

•Army type jacket, this cost me nothing as my brother was throwing it out.

•grey long sleeve t shirt, this cost me €3 from Penny’s.

•Circle Scarf, I got the scarf in Penny’s, it was labelled €5, but when I got to the till I was only charged €1, score!!!

•Heat Gun, this cost me about €30ish in Argos. On the plus side I’ve already used it to defrost my freezer 👍.

•Sharpening stone, I got this in my local hardware store. It cost me about €6.50.

•Metal ruler, I got this also in my local hardware store. It cost me €4.

• Self healing cutting mat, I got this in my local stationary/ craft store called ‘The Works’, it set me back €4.50.

• Cutting knife with extra blades, cost me €3, I got this at work.
So… So far I’ve spent about €50 this week on bits and pieces, and that’s enough spending for 1 week. Next week I’ll pick up some more pieces.
Until next time, I’ll see you at the table.
– from The Man Cave

The secret life of a Wargamer…

Every once in a while a certain image/ memes will show up on one of the facebook groups i’m a member of.

Typically, when i try to find it, to use in this post, its nowhere to be found.. So i’m just goning to throw this one in.


If you are a tabletop gamer you are bound to see it at some point.

Its basically an image of someone’s tabletop army displayed in all its glory, with the tag line ‘My greatest fear is that my wife will sell my models, for what I told her I paid for it’.

The image/ memes has always made me giggle secretly to myself, because for myself it’s true. I have at times ‘shaded’ the truth a little concerning the cost/ origins of my ‘toys’.


I have been playing tabletop games for a good 20 years at least.

I have played different gaming systems. I have collected different armies/ factions/ models from Space Marines + Necrons of Warhammer 40K, PanOceania’s Military Order for Infinity, Menoth + Convergence for Warmachine to the newest, The Morticians of Guildball and Gundam’s.


I just did a quick grab of some of the rule books/ army books i have lying around the house. I dont know if your like me but I tend to leave my books all over the place. One could be beside my chair, another in the kitchen and i’m not against leaving one in the bathroom.


As you can see, i play a few game systems.

Some times i myself wonder where i got the money for all my toys cause lets face it, armies/ factions arent cheap.

Sure, my other half gives me money come christmas or my birthday for my ‘toys’ but an army/ faction doesnt come from that.


May be i’m a Plastic Crack Addict, or suffer from Shiney Penny Syndrone, but there’s always that new something on the horizon that i want.

As a matter of fact, i recently received a bunch of new models from Miniature 13, that i backed on Kickstarter (on the sly), i’ve backed Hawk Wargames Kickstarter for Dropfleet Commander and i’m after getting new toys for Hawk Wargames Dropship Commander.

I have a misses and 3 kids, and my wages only go so far, so i have to be alittle ‘inventive’. At times i’ve ‘won’ models, a friend ‘gave’ them to me but usually i just sneak them into the house. If asked about them, the usual answer is ‘They’ve been sitting out in the shed for ages’


At the moment i have 2 boxes of Malifaux models (Rasputina + Sonia Crew boxes if i remember) and the starter box of Star Trek Attack Wing hiding in my mothers house for the past year or so, cause i havent sneaked then in yet and have been distracted by other ‘toys’.

What about you guys? Have you always been honest about where your ‘toys’ have come from?

– from The Man Cave

Gundam Club, ‘Build Fighters’


On Saturday the 24th, i finally had the chance to attend the monthly meet of my local Gundam Club (i’m usually stuck in work). It was the first time in months that i was able to attend.

I’m unsure how other Gundam Clubs are run or organized but with ours how it works is basically people show up, we build a Gundam, and then we play a modified version of a tabletop game with them.

Our club is kindly hosted and supplied with Gundams by…


For the club I brought along my newest Gundam so i could get him finished.


I’ve done a previous article on High Grade Iron Blooded Orphans Barbatos so i won’t dwell (too much) on how cool this kit is.

I managed to get Barbatos finished in time to play in the first round of the club’s tabletop game ‘Build Fighters’.

‘Build Fighters’ is based of another system but has been modified and evolved by members in the club to its current state.

So how ‘Build Fighters’ works is really quite simple. A Player would either bring or build a Gundam fitted out to their liking.

So some Gundams could be little more than gun barrels and rocket launchers, others a whirlwind of melee death, while others could take a more balanced approach.

For myself i took Barbatos with his big ass mace and equiped him with 2 Beam Rifles (which came from my Powered GM Cardigan). Giving him both a ranged and melee threat.


For ‘Build Fighters’ we used terrain from Hawk Wargames, makers of Dropzone Commander.


The system works on a D20 (a 20 sided dice) + a D6 (a 6 sided dice) system. You roll to hit with the D20 and if successful, you roll damage using the D6.


We deploy in ‘sectors’ of the game board, then, have at you!!!

I was too aggressive, too early. I went straight for the nearest Gundam Suit and was eaten alive.


The head and both arms of my Gundam were destroyed, effectively making me useless. So I decided to push the big red button and try to take someone with me with a reactor overload.


Unfortunately, I didnt get to take anyone with me #sadpanda. Unlike others in the game, who managed to take someone with them when their reactor was breached.


Despite being effectively an eight man (or Gundam) Royal Rumble, the game played surprisingly fast and was highly enjoyable.

I cant wait for the next meet up and the next round of ‘Build Fighters’. Next time round i’m gona eat some one up.

– from The Man Cave

The World Team Championship of Warmachine and Hordes 2015

On the 18th of September 2015 to the 20th of September 2015 the World Team Championship Warmachine and Hordes 2015 was held at the INEC Killarney.

50 teams of 5 people each, attended the team event (and that’s not including the Solo Masters event), from all across the globe. Games where played, games were won/ lost but in the end 1 winner emerged….

Congrats to Team Finland Blue for beating off opponents from around the globe and being crowned winners of the WTC 2015.

A great in depth break down of games can be found here

– from The Man Cave

Homaged but not restrained

Incase you’ve been under a rock, there is a new Star Wars film out this time next year. JJ Abhrams (of the Star Trek Reboot and Cloverfield to name a few) will be in charge of it. Sounds good so far right? no more Jar Jar Binks 😉

Reading abit more about the new Star Wars film he says something to the effect that although the new film(s) wil pay homage to the original films (Luke, Leia + Han etc) they won’t be restrained by them (they’re free to take Star Wars in any direction they want).

This got me wondering, what if Games Workshop turned around and said come December 31st 2014 @ 11:59:59pm Warhammer 40K will be no more… now take a moment let that sink in. No more 40K.

Starting 01st January 2015 @ 12:01 Warhammer 41K will launch. It will pay homage to 40K but it won’t be restrained by it.

What would 41K be like? A cash grab (most probably) or a complete reboot.

Games Workshop taking a cold hard look at its self. Saying to itself and its players “We’re sorry, we got corruptted by the money. This is for you guys. We owe you”.

Personally i’m of the opinion (and dont shoot me) GW has to take a hit for the team for a change (dont moan to me about share prices falling, that’s their own fault/ doing).

* do a price drop on all products (and not just by a little, minimum 10 – 20% personally i’m talking). It’s not rocket science. If there products are cheaper we’ld buy more, they would sell more but profit margins would be less (talking from experience here vets of the game have more than 1 army. Entice me to start a new one).
* Go back to a simpler rule set (a reboot would allow this).
* Now some may disagree, but probably not many. This is probably the big one for me cut the BS (not talking balistic skill here) with all the Datasheets, Allies + Detachments etc. I like how you can field a mixed forced (Imperial Guard, Space Marine chapter etc together. i like fluff, i’m a fluff bunny) but heres what i dont like it. Rulebook (approx €60), Codex (approx €39) then the cost of Data sheets, Ally Codex’s etc before you add the price of models (if thats not a cash grab i don’t know what is). Instead bring out strike force lists (similar to Privateer Press’s Tier Lists) available by digital download, no paper prints so thats a cost saving.

Just a few thoughts on my part as in my neck of the woods 40K is a dying beast.

– from The Man Cave