My 30 Day World #5


Question #5: What event in your world altered its history?


The Unveiling.

After exiting in myths, dreams and childhood dreams for millennia, Mithrandir, El Dorado, The White City revealed itself to the world.

By order of the Council, Envoys were sent to every Kingdom in the South, East and West with a message and offers of trade and commerce.

On Kickstarter – Equisite Beast by Turtle Dream Games

Exquisite Beast is a game of mad scientists, minions, monstrosities, angry peasant mobs, lightning bolts, and wanton property destruction for 2-4 players aged 10 and up. 

In it, each player is a mad scientist sitting pretty in their castle, high above the quiet valley town of Peasantville. However, the peasants have grown weary of their local mad scientist and are plotting to drive them out. 

In order to protect yourself, and incidentally take control of the town from all the other imposter mad scientists in their clearly inferior castles, you dispatch your minions out to various arcane and dangerous locations to collect the remains of great fallen beasts of legend. Once you have gathered a suitable collection of parts, assuming the weather is cooperative and provides a convenient lightning bolt, you can animate your stitched together Beast and go wreak havoc on both the peasants and your rival mad scientists’ servants and creations.

Currently they are just under €14,000 after smashing their goal amount of €8,000 with just under 2 days to go, so you still have plenty of time to back this Kickstarter.

As part of their Kickstarter, the guys over at Turtle Dream Games, were running a Build Your Own Beast (B.Y.O.B) poll. Every day, they were offering the choice of body parts and it was up to the community at large to choose how the Beast was created. Once created the Beast would be inserted into the game.

The Kickstarter is in its final hours so there is still time to grab a copy of the Game for yourself, so stop waiting around and start pledging.

Until next time, I’ll see you at the table.

– from The Man Cave

We’re coming in Hot… Adventures in Dropzone Commander Part 6 – Dropzone Commander Core Rulebook v1.1 

The Man Cave has recently gotten an upgrade, due to children and water.
Join us as we take a quick look at the Core Rulebook of Hawk Wargames, 10mm tabletop wargame, Dropzone Commander.

Until next time, I’ll see you at the table.
– from The Man Cave

We’re Comming in Hot… Adventures in Dropzone Commander Part 5 – 1500pts UCM vs Scourge 

Thankfully with schedules permitting, I managed to get a game of Hawk Wargames, Dropzone Commander In the other night.

For my opponent, I was facing up against Lorcan…

…Our local UCM player… Or Cylon Infiltrator.

The mission for the night was ‘Survey and Control’, a new scenario from the new book, Reconquest: Phase 2.

I was playing Scourge,  (I was proxying the Eden Dinosaur as a the giant blue foam and 2 Corruptors as the smaller 2 pieces of foam, more about the Corruptors later).

Scourge Oppressors: 

Eden Dinosaur 

4 Minders with an Intruder Beta


3 Hunter tanks in a marauder

3 Reaper tanks in a Marauder

Warrior Cabal:

2 groups of Aged Ones, Both in an Invader APC, sharing a Marauder 

Invasion Host:

2 Reaper Gunships

Occupation Patrol:

4 Minders in an Intruder Beta

8 Prowlers split amongst 2 Intruder Beta’s

2 Corruptors
For Lorcans UCM list, he had…

Command Group:

Kodiak (Captain)

4x Longbow with Raven A (plus Rocket pods)

Armour Group:
6x Katana

3x Fireblade


Infantry Group
2x Legionnaires with Raven B 

2x Legionnaires with Raven B


Scout Group
2x Praetorians with Raven B (plus rocket pods)

2x Praetorian Snipers (plus Rocket pods)

Air Group

‘Survey and Control’ is a fun little mission. It was part mad dash, part denial, for most of the game. 

Unfortunately, I didn’t take many pictures during the game, due to my camera’s battery being mostly dead.

Spoiler alert… I lost the game. Part due to only having 2 infantry groups, but mostly due to me forgetting to move my infantry group onto the table till turn 3, D’oh. Even still, the game ended close with 8 Intel points to Lorcan vs my 6 Intel points, I still won on Kill Points (as far as I remember) due to the Eden Dinosaur sniping his Kodiak off the board in the last turn.

Some highlights of the game were Lorcans snipers shooting my 2 Reaver gunships out of the air, 1 of which crashed into a building. 

His Longbows sniping my poor, little prowlers of the table (thanks to his Snipers spotting for him). 

For most of the game, the drones from Lorcan’s Ferrum kept my 2nd  Minder Swarm and Corruptors boxed in, until I realised they don’t ‘reaction fire’. I then moved out my Corruptors, fired of 2 Razorworm pods at buildings to claim 2 ‘Intel’ points.

Thanks to a ‘Command Card’ I drew, 2 of my Hunter tanks were able to get into range of Lorcan’s Longbows. The Katana’s next to my Hunters, were then torn up by the Eden Dinosaur.

In the next turn, I drew a ‘Core Overload Command Card’, and tried to kamakazi an Intruder Beta into the middle of the Fireblades, but I rolled 1’s. In all honesty, no one I know can roll more 1’s than me. Lorcan, even remarked I should start playing ‘Battletech’, cause i’ld get bonuses for rolling them.

I had a blast playing the Eden Dinosaur, and I can see why ‘Famous Commanders’ aren’t allowed in tournament play. Although I didn’t get much work done with them, I love the new Scourge Corruptors. Just love them. I can see them being taken in a lot, if not all Scourge lists. They are a bit pricey, but the options they can give in CQB, grabbing Intel, and Focal Points is amazing. 

After my game with Lorcan, I only realised that during our game I could have gotten his snipers, or at the least forced him to reposition them. By shooting Razorworms into the adjacent building, I could have had them exit the building, cross the street, and feed on his Snipers.

Although a few mistakes were made, I can’t wait for my next game.

Until next time, I’ll see you at the table.
– from The Man Cave

Narrative Thoughts: When Reality is Implausible in Fantasy

The Roleplayer's Guild

 photo Siege-of-Dragonspear_zpslabxnhyz.jpg

It goes without saying that there is yet another ridiculous controversy in gaming, this time involving the release of the latest Baldur’s Gate expansion, Siege of Dragonspear. Sadly it’s not about the fact they’ve actually released an expansion to a game that is, by all accounts, incredibly old by this point in a “Why now?” sense. Unfortunately this controversy revolves around a progressive character they’ve included, a transgender cleric called Mizhena. The particular complaint and why this is a problem? Well, that’s sadly where things get incredibly messy and once again, the inclusion of non-straight cis-gendered characters has been called into question.

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Live streaming at the WTC – prepare to be blown away

Warmachine & Hordes World Team Championship

The WTC Committee has some exciting new to share with the global Warmachine/Hordes community about our plans for live streaming at the 2015 event in Ireland.

We are pleased to announce a new 3-way partnership between Chain Attack, Muse on Minis, and Enter the Crucible to live stream games from the WTC like never before.  Last year, we were able to stream one game with a nice information overlay on the screen and commentary from Chain Attack and MoM hosts.

This year, the guys from the Enter the Crucible podcast are stepping up the game by bringing the commentary hosts the capability to switch between any of the games being played within one team match up.  Just like in professional sports, the commentators will be able to see all 5 games happening at once and then switch the feed to focus on whichever game is the most crucial at…

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