My 30 Day World Scfi Version #4


Question #4: Who is the most renowned hero in your world.

‘The Lord Admiral’ aye I knew him. The withered husk of an old man leaned forward, his eyes coming alive with the memories of yester years. ‘Sailed under his banner I did’.

‘Never been another Lord Admiral since him, you know that boy’…

The old mans frame shook as he started to chuckle to himself ‘Couldn’t hit the hull of a starship, even if he was docked beside it, and don’t ask him to swing more than a bread knife, or he’ll cut himself. But by the lanes, that man could plan and organise. He could out think, out plan, out tricked all of ’em. All of ’em. Won us the wars, you know that boy’ said the old man as he took a sip of his rum.

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