On Kickstarter – Equisite Beast by Turtle Dream Games

Exquisite Beast is a game of mad scientists, minions, monstrosities, angry peasant mobs, lightning bolts, and wanton property destruction for 2-4 players aged 10 and up. 

In it, each player is a mad scientist sitting pretty in their castle, high above the quiet valley town of Peasantville. However, the peasants have grown weary of their local mad scientist and are plotting to drive them out. 

In order to protect yourself, and incidentally take control of the town from all the other imposter mad scientists in their clearly inferior castles, you dispatch your minions out to various arcane and dangerous locations to collect the remains of great fallen beasts of legend. Once you have gathered a suitable collection of parts, assuming the weather is cooperative and provides a convenient lightning bolt, you can animate your stitched together Beast and go wreak havoc on both the peasants and your rival mad scientists’ servants and creations.

Currently they are just under €14,000 after smashing their goal amount of €8,000 with just under 2 days to go, so you still have plenty of time to back this Kickstarter.

As part of their Kickstarter, the guys over at Turtle Dream Games, were running a Build Your Own Beast (B.Y.O.B) poll. Every day, they were offering the choice of body parts and it was up to the community at large to choose how the Beast was created. Once created the Beast would be inserted into the game.

The Kickstarter is in its final hours so there is still time to grab a copy of the Game for yourself, so stop waiting around and start pledging.

Until next time, I’ll see you at the table.

– from The Man Cave


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