Memes… the greatest creation of this generation

Every generation can be basically credited with some creation or discovery.  We had the creation of the steam engine and automobile, the Wright Brothers and flight, the discovery of antibiotics, the creation of the atomic bomb, travelling to the moon, the creation of the internet, and whats for this generation…

Memes (and the Selfie. Dont get me started about Selfies), it doesnt say much for the future of humanity with the sudden down turn in intellect.

Anyways, for something thats basically ‘Caption this image’, the use of memes & memes generators are now common place. They’re used to express ones feelings, idea’s, distastes and comedy.

I love memes… i think they’re great. I get a great giggle out of them, and I’ve actually built up a bit of a collection of them, for usage in my daily digital life.

I came across an article today about Sean Bean from November 2015, that made me laugh and sad at the same time.

You do know who Sean Bean is, right? Maybe you do, maybe you don’t.

If i started a memes that said ‘One does not simply….’, would you know now? Ringing any bells? How many memes have you seen with his face and those words?, (the poor fecker doesn’t even earn any money out of it).

After decades of TV and Films, his unintended legacy is memes. My friends and I, used to joke that he never played a character that lived to the end of a film…


…but now we joke about memes he shows up in.


Basically anything and everything nowadays can be made into a memes.


They can be used for humour…


They can be used to insult…


They can be used to express love…


And how we are feeling…


As a wargamer I’ve picked up a few hobby related ones…







Some memes are comedy gold…


What about you? What’s the funniest one you’ve seen lately?

Until next time, I’ll see you at the table.

– from The Man Cave


4 thoughts on “Memes… the greatest creation of this generation

  1. Ah, memes: one of the inescapable facts of interwebz life these days.
    For me, it’s really a love/hate thing with memes.

    I did get a nice laugh out of the “Are you childish?” checklist one, so thanks for that post. 😀
    Now for the rant: i understand that visual fidelity really isn’t the point with memes, but as a visually-oriented person (artist/designer), i tend to throw-up in my mouth a little at the artifact-laden low-rez-and-up-scaled images and the cookie cutter white-text-with-bold-black-outline captions that one finds in the vast majority of memes. i understand that that point is the delivery and not the polish, and yet…
    yeah, i admit to snobbery in this case, but ya like what like (or hate, for that matter), ya know?

    Wargamer? I don’t suppose that includes any turn-based strategy (video) games? I’m occasionally curious, but i’ve never had much contact with tabletop gaming…


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