Minecraft, The Future of Roleplaying

Minecraft, the future of Roleplaying?

If you know Minecraft it sounds strange, maybe even a little laughable, doesnt it, but it is actually a very real posibility.

So, incase you’ve never heard of Minecraft

Minecraft is a sandbox world, in a ‘game’. Anything you can basically imagine, you can build using different types of blocks. I’ve seen ‘Worlds‘ that someone has built a giant amuzement park in, I’ve seen ones dominated by castles, large cities, I’ve even seen one were someone has taken the time to build every starship from the Star Wars franchise.

Now a bit of a disclaimer, I don’t play Minecraft. I have 3 daughters, 12, 9 & 5 years old that constantly do play and search YouTube for videos on Minecraft.

They are constantly watching videos by the likes of DanTDM, TheDiamondMineCart, Donut the Dog; Little Donny, Minecraft Little Carly and others on YouTube. Alot of them actually act out a story of some sorts.

Personally I can’t stand them, I must be getting old cause the sound of their voices goes thru my head.

When the MinecraftGame‘ was first launched it was for the PC and was quite basic but it has evolved very quickly…

Currently Minecraft Pocket Edition for Android is at version 0.14, but dont let the numbers fool you, it’s still quite capable…

So why could Minecraft be the future of roleplaying? The simple answer is that its a sandbox.

You can create any world you want in it for your roleplaying needs. You want a big cityscape, a floating city in the sky, a castle, a dungeon, its all do able. You dont even have to build the world yourself as you can use a world someone else has built and with downloadable ‘Mods’ you can add to the game world. Currently my 12 year old is enjoying flying around on the back of a dragon in Minecraft due to a ‘Mod’.

It has ‘Multiplayer’, so you can assemble your group in a world of your choosing, and with Wi-Fi, you dont even have to be in the same game store, place, city or even country.

It’s available on multiple devices/ platforms (PC, Android, & Apple), so its accessable to a large range of people.

It has sneaking, running, potions, and even enchanting to fit all your Dungeons & Dragons- esque needs.

You have a range of NPC’s and Baddies to populate your world with. You want villagers, skeletons, giant spiders, zombies, endermen or creepers in your world, no problem?

Recently Mojang released a video to YouTube of a story themed arena map (possibly inpreparation for that big boss fight?)…

I have previously read a rumour that Mojang, the creators of Minecraft are preparing to offer (for a price) new Downloadable Content for ‘Stories/ Adventures’ in the Minecraft game.

It’s interesting to see how this goes, as it seems like a next step in its development, especially considering how some of the Minecraft channels on YouTube do ‘stories/ adventures’. Will they allow the community to publish their own stories for sale (and then spilt the money), only time will tell.

Until next time, I’ll see you at the table.

– from The Man Cave


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