Gundam Custom – Gusion Rebake Urban Camo Style

I recently got a new Gundam model kit…


It’s the 1/144 Scale High Grade Iron Blooded Orphans Gusion Rebake by Bandai.

It’s a nice kit with good articulation. Incase you didnt know, Gundam High Grade kits aren’t static in their poses. They have joints (that swivel, rotate, and allow swinging) in their body parts of arms, knees, legs, etc which allow them a high level of poseability.


With the Gusion Rebake although I like the design, I’m not a fan of the kits colour. So I’m going to give it a ‘Custom’ paint job. I have an idea of an Urban Camo pattern for this kit. I’ve never tried a camo pattern before, so it’s going to be a learning experience. I don’t own an airbrush, so I’ll be using my good old paint brush.

For painting the kit I’m going to be using the following materials:

* Citadel Chaos Black Primer
* Citadel Astronomican Grey
* Citadel Adeptus Battlegrey
* Citadel Ironbreaker
* Citadel Dwarf Bronze
* Citadel Nuln Oil
* Games Workshop Ultramarine Blue
* Games Workshop Ice Blue
* Games Workshop Scorpian Green
* Blue Tack


First of all, after building the kit I have to take it all apart again.


First up, I prime all of the Gusion Rebake’s armour pieces in Chaos Black.


Once dry, I apply strips of Blue Tack over the pieces in a sort of stripped pattern. I then paint over the pieces with Astronomican Grey.


Once dry, I repeat applying pieces of Blue Tack in a stripped pattern, and this time I apply Adeptus Battlegrey. I then allow the paint to dry.

Once dry, I begin to peel off all the Blue Tack.


As the Rebake has a partial inner frame, I’m going to Dry Brush it with Ironbreaker. If your unfimilar to Dry Brushing, it’s basically where you brush a very fine layer of paint over parts.

Once the Dry Brushing is dry, I use the Dwarf Bronze to paint the tubes on the Rebake’s arms, its thrusters on its shield and the vents on the Rebake’s waist and chest, followed by a Wash of the Nuln Oil on those parts.

The Scorpian Green, Ultramarine Blue and Ice Blue is used on the Rebake’s eyes and the camera lens on its head.

Once all dry, I reassemble the gundam.





Once all dry, I apply a Dry Brush along the edges and curves of the armour to give it the appearance of wear and tear.

All that’s left is to apply a Top Coat to the model to prevent the paint being accidentally rubbed off.

Not bad for my first time trying an urban camo scheme. A few mistakes were made and a couple of boo boo’s happened (I broke off half his V fin) but all in all I’m happy with the results.

Why not give it a try for yourself and let me know how it went.

– from The Man Cave


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