I got a new Gundam (Iron Blooded Orphans Gusion Rebake)


I got a new Gundam, 1/144 scale High Grade Iron Blooded Orphans Gusion Rebake, to be exact.

I was quick enough to grab one from the guys at Dublin City Comics & Collectables.


In the box you’ll find…


… 3 bags of sprues and an instruction guide. Within the bags you’ll find…


… about 7 sprues that come in a gray (for the inner frame), beiges & some white (for the armour parts), also an orange shade. Also, included is a rather large foil sticker sheet.


It’s a big sticker sheet even for a High Grade, and it still leaves the kit less than accurate in terms of colouring.

If the Gusion looks a bit fimiliar thats because it is…



In the Iron Blooded Orphans series the Gusion was captured by the boys of Tekkadan, and seeing how it shared the same ‘Inner Frame’ as the Barbatos, it was upgraded with parts from Barbatos.

With a straight build the Gusion Rebake is very similar to the Barbatos. However, where the Barbatos has a complete ‘Inner Frame’, The Gusion Rebake doesn’t, so you won’t be able to make a Barbatos clone. That’s ok, cause the Gusion Rebake has its own personality. With a straight build (minus the stickers), the Gusion Rebake looks like this…



The Gusion Rebake combines the old with the new. It has a new sleeker look, compared to its old self…


… It still uses visuals and ‘parts’ from its old self (namely, the Rebake’s big butt plate is a throw back to the Gusion’s chest and back plates, and its legs form parts of its new back pack).

For accessories, we get a modified version of the ‘Graze’s’ rifle, 2 heads (an open and enclosed version), and a shield (although technically its also part of the suit).

For gimmicks, the Gusion Rebake has 2 hidden arms in its backpack. The arms are similar in appearance to the ‘Graze’s’ arms.


The Rebake’s mini arms slide down from inside the big thrusters. They are able to hold different weapons so if you wanted, you could equip it with 4 ranged weapons, 4 melee weapons, or a more balanced approach of 2 ranged & 2 melee weapons.

All in all, the Gusion Rebake is a nice kit, although not without its faults. I can understand the large sticker sheet, as for its price point and being a High Grade, we wouldn’t be getting such a large parts separation for colourings. The biggest fault I personally have with the Rebake is this…


… There is a huge gapping space where its shoulder connects to the arm, this for me is a let down. All it would have taken is for a little flap or moveable armour piece to go in here and the appearance would have been golden for me.

All in all, its a nice kit. It’s fimilar but different enough in the build process. It has a unique look to itself, although this some can argue is just because of its backpack and gimmick. Poseability is high enough, just a little below the HG Barbatos & Graze, but miles ahead of its old self.

Well, that’s all for now, I’ll see you at the table.

– from The Man Cave


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