I got a new Gundam (RGM- 96X Jesta)


I got a new Gundam, 1/144 Scale High Grade Universal Century RGM- 96X Jesta to be exact.

Just off the bat, I have to say I love this kit. From its look, colours and accessories, I’ve been looking forward to getting this kit (and its sister kit, the Jesta Cannon) for a while now.

I was able to get this and others from the guys at Dublin City Comics and Collectables.


In the box you get…


… 3 bags of sprues and an instruction booklet. In the bags you’ll find…


… about 8 sprues in a dark blue, grayish blue colour and 2 small sticker sheets. One of which is used for squad markings, which is pretty cool as you don’t normally get them.

After a quick straight build the Jesta is an impressive Gundam.


Its silouhette, weapon and colourings really gives it a ‘Special Forces’ look.



The Jesta’s articulation is very good, allowing you to pose it in a variety of ways. From shooting to a flying leap with its Beam Sabre.


For accessories, you get the Jesta’s Beam rifle (which is a very cool ‘Special Forces’ design), its Beam Sabre (with 2 Beam blades) which is stored in its left fore-arm and quite a large (compared to other kits) selection of hands in different poses.

For gimmicks, there is 3 ammo packs stored in the under side of the right fore-arm (although these are molded together). The Beam Sabre is stored in the under side of the left fore-arm. Although molded together, by lowering the clasp, the Jesta can be posed reaching for grenades located on its hips.


But the main gimmick of this kit is its shield. Located on its backpack, the shield has a nice range of movement. The shield is able to rotate, turn and swing into a number of positions, to allow for a number of poses.

The kit does need a little bit of painting to make it anime accurate. Most notable the little missiles located on its shield (they’re the little pips on the lighter colour part of the shield).


Regardless, this is a kit I would recommend to anyone.

Until next time, I’ll see you at the table.

– from The Man Cave

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