I got a new Gundam (Iron Blooded Orphans Option Set 2)


I got a new Gundam, Iron Blooded Orphans Option Set 2, to be exact.

This is the second accessory set to be released for Bandai’s High Grade 1/144 scale Iron Blooded Orphans Gunpla line.

I was lucky enough to get mine, as usual from the lads at…


I really like this Options Set, and I’m considering picking up a second of this one + Option Set 1.

Where as Option Set 1 catered more towards the High Grade (HG) Barbatos and Graze, this set caters more for the HG Graze Custom and Hyakuri. Although all the High Grades in the Iron Blooded Orphans line can make use of the Option Sets.

I sped thru the build process on this set, but you get a couple of sprues in the same colour which gives you..


… 2 new shoulder pads for the Graze Custom, a bazooka (that connects to the new shoulders), a booster pack (for space flight), a rocket laucher, a grenade launcher and a new Mobile Worker.

When attached, the Graze Custom looks even more kick ass…



The Hyakuri gets armed to the teeth with the Grenade Launcher + Rocket Launcher.


Whats more, there comes 2 connection pieces comes to attach the weapons to the Hyakuri. By removing 2 tabs on the Hyakuri’s backpack, the weapons can be stored away.



I love these Option Sets, not only do they offer more playability and customizing to the IBO Gundams but I love ‘collecting’ the little Mobile Workers.

If I had anything negative to say, it would only be how the Option Sets need a lick of paint but for the price they cost it’s a very small negative.

– from The Man Cave

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