RPG Review – Star Wars: Force + Destiny Beginner Game


So, what is it?

The Star Wars: Force + Destiny Beginner Game by Fantasy Flight Games is a complete stand alone introduction to roleplaying in the Star Wars universe.

Force and Destiny is the third installment in Fantasy Flights series of Star Wars roleplaying games.

Whether you are new to roleplaying or just new to Force and Destiny, the Beginner Game is a great starting point.


For such a small box, it certainly comes packed full. In the box you get:

1 adventure book
1 rulebook
1 introduction sheet
1 map
4 pregenerated characters
14 custom dice
8 destiny tokens
55 character tokens

… and if you go to the Fantasy Flight website you are able to download additional characters and an additional adventure, hows that for boom for your buck.

So, what’s the Force + Destiny Beginner Game like?

Fluff wise, Force + Destiny is set a number of years after the events portrayed in Star War III: Revenge of the Sith.

The Empire rule the universe with an iron fist and the Jedi have been wiped out. Knowledge of the Force is all but lost. Only a few Force sensitives remain, scattered across the galaxy.

The adventure in the box, is basically a rescue mission. A group of Force sensitives band together to save someone who has thought them the ways of the Force (I don’t want to give away too much).

So, what does it play like?

To answer ‘What does it play like?’, we have to talk about Fantasy Flight’s dice. Unlike other Roleplaying games which use a 6 sided dice (D6), an 8 sided dice (D8) or even a 20 sided dice (D20), the Fantasy Flights system uses narrative dice.

The narrative dice are split into a few different dice. Positive dice, Negative dice and the Force dice

During your game you assemble a dice pool from the narrative dice, which you then roll. All the dice have a number of different symbols and its by combining and comparing the result of your dice rolls that progresses the story.

The focus of the game is more narrative rather than how high you can roll dice. Which to me makes the game more enjoyable.

It’s quite possible and often happens that with a dice roll you can both succeed and fail at the same time or vice versa. For example, you attempt to sneak past a group of guards. By rolling the narrative dice, you succeed sneaking by the guards but then alert them by stepping on a twig. Or, you attempt to shoot a guard, you miss, but out of shock he drops his weapon.

The adventure included in the box is written and designed so that you learn the core rules as you play, so you don’t feel swamped.

The pregenerated characters included are quite cool (at least I think), they offer a taste of skills, abilities, Force powers and 2 of the characters actually start off using a Lightsabre.

A nice touch by Fantasy Flight is the inclusion of a map. The map is divided up into different area’s that Player Characters will journey to thru the course of the adventure. The map can be used with the character tokens to help tell the adventure and to help players visualize the current scene. Plus once the adventure is finished, there is nothing stopping you from using the map in an adventure you created yourself.

If you fancy trying a RPG, and you like Star Wars I would recomend one of Fantasy Flight’s Beginner Box Games. You honestly cant go too wrong for the price and contents.

– from The Man Cave


2 thoughts on “RPG Review – Star Wars: Force + Destiny Beginner Game

  1. A good review.

    I first came across the AGE system in the Dragon Age game, which my wife ran. Although I was not a fan of the video games I was intrigued by the system and was happy to see they finally released a generic ruleset.


    • cheers for your commemts. i havent played either the dragon age games or rpg myself but i’m told their good. i’m hopeful for the age system and i’m courious as to what the next book they release for it will be. will they stick to fantasy or go for a different genre. i’m hopeful for horror.

      Liked by 1 person

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