What is Syrinscape?…

I’ve recently been trying my hand at being a Games Master/ Dungeon Master (GM/ DM). I got myself a copy of Fantasy AGE + Titansgrave (more about that in a later post).

I suck at it at the moment, I’ve gotten a bit better tho.

While looking thru YouTube for some helpful GM/ DM tips, i came across a video for Syrinscape.

So what is Syrinscape?

The short, simple answer would be a ‘Sound Board’ for games, whether thats tabletop games, board games or role playing games. The true answer is so much more.

Syrinscape is a sound app/ player that adds ambient background sound and soundtracks to your tabletop gaming experience.

Syrinscape uses ‘Sound Sets’ to conjure aural landscapes, from ethereal forests, stony shorelines to dank vermin-filled dungeons, spooky depths of the underdark and even old abandoned space stations.

As a side note, I should tell you that Syrinscape have a range of ‘Sound Sets’ for the RPG system Pathfinder.

For this post I’ll be taking about my experiences with their Sci- Fi player as that’s the one I’ve been playing around with on my Android tablet.

Currently Syrinscape has 3 different versions (fantasy, sci- fi and board games) of its player. In each player there is a number of ‘Sound Sets’. Each ‘Sound Set’ comes with ambient music and sound effects, and each set comes with a sub-set.

To me what really makes Syrinscape shine, is it’s customization.

Your not limited to just a looped pre-recorded musical track. Although you can go that route. Your able to create your own custom ‘Sound Sets’ with music and ambient sounds by mixing and matching what suits your needs from different ‘Sound Sets’.

With the Sci-Fi player you get 2 free ‘Sound Sets’ when you download it. You get ‘Shipboard’ and ‘Blaster Battle’.

Just by using these 2 generic sets, you can set up a fight scene for your game with lazer fire and explositions or add the trum of machines and engines.

Additional ‘Sound Sets’ are available from Syrinscape thru either a once off payment or thru a subscription.

If you get a chance why not drop by their website here! and have a look for yourself.

Syrinscape is available for Windows + Mac, and their App is available for Android and Apple.

Until next time, keep rolling those dice.

– from The Man Cave


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