HMM 1/72 Scale Liger Zero Panzer WIP 1


I recently got a new toy. It’s the Highend Master Model 1/72 Scale Liger Zero Panzer by Kotobukiya, from the TV series Zoids:

With all the kids sick in the house recently, I haven’t had much of a chance to work on this bad boy (#sadpanda).

I did manage to get about a hour and a half the other night tho and got to work on the first section (the Head of the Liger) of the kit.


This is the first 1/72 scale kit i’ve put together and i have to say, with only constructing the head of the Liger i’m both impressed and daunted.

With the usual High Grade 1/144 scale Gundam kits i’ve been putting together, the kits although smaller, have bigger parts. Whereas the reverse is true about this kit, the kit is bigger but the parts smaller.

To give an example, in building the body there’s a couple of sub-assemblies that you build first, before connecting together to form the body.

During construction of the head, you will have to have a drop of glue handy for use on his top teeth, to keep them in place (they come in 3 parts, 2 side parts and his front 2 teeth).


The side parts fit in a peg, his front teeth sit on a little slit. I must have dropped his front 2 teeth about a dozen times.

Bye the way, the teeth are actually quite sharp, so watch you dont get a finger caught, or there’ll be blood for the Blood God.


The detail on the Liger’s head is great (apologises for the crappy pictures), and with a litte bit of paint would pop out even more.

There is even a detailed cockpit in the Ligers head, that the figure you get in the kit sits in.


Again, a bit of paint, and it would really pop out.

Well that’s all for now. Be sure to check back, as I get more of the Liger built.

– from The Man Cave


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