Yummy Food – Grilled Mini Chicken Fillets

This is a favourite in my house. Enjoyed by both my kids and my partner. It can be eaten as part of a snack or a dinner. Its very quick to prepare and cook, and if you wanted you could prepare it the night before.

For this recipe, you will need…


* 1 packet of chicken mini fillets
* about a tablespoon of curry powder.
* about a tablespoon of garlic powder.
* 100g – 125g of greek style/ fat free yoghurt, whichever your preferrence is.
* a tub/ container to mix ingredients in.

Step 1:

Add the yoghurt, garlic powder and curry powder into your tub/ container and mix well together.


Step 2:

Add your mini fillets and coat with your yoghurt mix.


Step 3:

You have the choice of either leaving your chicken sitting in the mix overnight or cooking straight away (personally, I leave it overnight).

Either way, when ready place your chicken on a tin foil lined tray and place under the grill.


Step 4:

Basically, now that the chicken is cooking under the grill, your going to char- grill it. ‘Burn’ one side, turn over and repeat.


The grilled chicken can be enjoyed hot or cold. As part of a main meal or as a snack. Why not give it a try.

– from The Man Cave


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