I got a new Gundam (Iron Blooded Orphans Hyakuri)


I got a new Gundam, High Grade 1/144 scale Iron Blooded Orphans Hyakuri, to be exact.

I was able to get mine at Dublin City Comics and Collectables.


In the box you get…


… 3 bags of sprues and an instruction sheet. Once opened up you’ll find…


… 5 sprues of model parts that are in a military sort of tan and green, a sprue of polycaps, a modest sized sticker sheet and a basic display stand.

Fluff wise the Hyakuri is a High Mobility Space Type Mobile Suit Gundam. This is reflected in the kit. The Hyakuri has a slim, almost skeletal appearance, which i really like. Here’s the main body of the Mobile Suit…


As its a High Speed Gundam the Hyakuri comes with a ‘Big‘ backpack. I chose to panel line the backpack rather than use the stickers supplied.


The Hyakuri has 2 modes, a Mobile Suit mode…


… and a flight mode…


The kit has a number of gimmicks. The first and main one is that when changing into Flight mode, the Hyakuri’s arms and guns fold up into its backpack and from this position its still able to hold its guns.


Another gimmick of the kit is by using connector parts, your able to detatch the underside parts of the backpack and connect them to the arms to form shields/ knuckle dusters.


On the backpack (on either side) there is removable tabs, which come into play with the Option Kit 2 (we’ll talk about that in a latter post).

All in all, this is a very nice kit. If i had anything bad to say about it, it would be only a minor gripe about the backpack. Due to the size of it, the Hyakuri cant stand without the use of the stand you get in the kit.

A minor gripe, as I said. As with the stand you can display him in a number of poses (Flight mode or Suit mode) and you can even use it to pose a different Gundam in the Iron Blooded Orphans line.

– from The Man Cave


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