We’re Coming in Hot… Adventures in Dropzone Commander Part 4 – Scourge vs UCM 1000pts


I had my first game (in a long time) of Dropzone Commander on Saturday the 19th. It was 1000pts Scourge vs UCM.

We played the Lazer Scenario 2 From DZC’s Reconquest: Phase 1 expansion book.


In this Scenario there is 4 Large Hardened Structures. Each one is located in a table corner, and each one contains an objective. On the centre line of the board there is an Orbital Defense Lazer (ODL) structure, which players can interact with, and which is a Focal Point. The Defense Lazer can be fired once per turn (cause its a big ass Zzap gun) by the first Occupier Infantry Unit.

My opponent, Lorcan…


… took it easy on me.

In his list he had (forgive me for not remembering the exact Battlegroups. As far as I Remember he had):

A Kodiak (CV4)
4 Wolverine A’s
Praetorian Sniper Team w/ Raven A
6 Katana Light Tanks w/ 2 Condor Medium Dropships
2 Praetorian Teams w/ 2 Raven A’s
2 Archangels




For my own 1000pts I had:

A proxied Desolator (CV4), the blue foam on a flight stand
2 Reaver Gunships
Minder Swarm w/ 2 Intruder Beta’s
Prowler Pack w/ 2 Intruder Beta’s
3 Hunter Tanks w/ Marauder Dropship
3 Reaver Tanks w/ Marauder Dropship
2 Warrior Hordes w/ 2 Invader APC’s + Marauder Dropship


I had a great game vs Lorcan and the game actually turned out to be very tight. I did better than I thought. I took a few pictures of the highlights of our game.

I may have gotten rounds and activations abit out of order, so forgive me.

I won the roll to go first and chose to activate my Command Battle Group first. As with most wargames first turn is about positioning.


Lorcan got his Snipers up the board and into a building opposite the ODL. I moved my Command group up the middle, Tanks up the flanks, and Troops towards the objective in my bottom right building.


To say that the wheels came off the bus early is an understatement.

On turn 2, Lorcan got a squad of Praetorians into the ODL and closed the door. I moved up with my Intruders + Prowlers ‘going on the deck’, failed the roll, and lost not only 1 of my Dropship but 4 Prowlers as well 😥

This Intruder + 4 Prowlers once had buddies…


Lorcan found the objective in his bottom right building, got his troops into their Raven and booked it towards his second objective.

I deployed my Hunter tanks on the left side of the ODL to make a run for his Kodiak Command vehicle. Reaper tanks were deployed to try to intercept his escaping Raven and incoming Katana’s.

Lorcan deployed his Katana’s vs my Reaper’s…


I also found an objective and got it off the board. My Troop Dropship moved to the second objective.

My Command group of Minders + the Desolator moved up. I tried bringing my Desolator ‘On the Deck’ to prevent early damage from his Snipers and this happened…


… bye bye Desolator.

Lorcan let rip into my Reapers with his Katana’s. If it wasnt for using a ‘Jink + Weave’ Command Card (previous to loosing my Desolator) I would have lost the entire unit.


My Reaver Gunships moved up and took out some of his Wolverines and some damage to the ODL. Lorcan finally managed to roll for his Archangels to come on…


… no more Gunships. He moved his surviving Wolverine up to engage my Minders. The little fecker survived 8 shots from my Minder Swarm.


I got Infantry into my other building to search for the objective and Lorcan was kind enough to shoot at it with the ODL. He inflicted 30 damage and my troops took some damage from ‘Falling Masonary’.


My other Troop unit got into a building close to the ODL and I played the ‘Underground Monorail’ Command Card.


Lorcan moved his Katana’s to attack my Hunter’s, killing 2 of them. I retaliated killing a few of his. My surviving Hunter got good damage on his Kodiak. His Archangels began another attack run…


He got some of mine, but at least my Minders got both his Archangels.


I got my Troops into the ODL, my other troops failed to find the objective. I moved an APC up behind the ODL to hide from Lorcans Katana’s. Lorcan called in an Orbital Bomdardment from his Kodiak to kill my last Hunter. His Praetorians got into the building containing his second Objective. Our troops in the ODL got into some ‘CQB’, despite being outnumbered my Warrior Horde laid the smack down on Lorcans stupid Humans.

Turn 6 came down to me playing a ‘Central Directive’ (i think thats what its called) Command Card, to activate my infantry before his. I found my last objective and legged it off with it. Lorcan needed a 4+ to find his, he found it and like wise got it off the board. The game ended with basically both of us having remainder of units that couldnt either shoot at or harm each other.

The final score was 6-5 to Lorcan. As i said previously, I did far better than I thought I could have. The game was filled with some great moments and I cant wait to get another game in.

– from The Man Cave


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