We’re Coming in Hot… Adventuries in Dropzone Commander Part 3


Another round of painting is done, and more of my Scourge army is painted.

Except for my 6 bases of infantry, i have a fully painted army (that makes a change for me).





A little tidy up is needed, (mostly around the Hawk Widget and flight stand). I’m debating whether or not to put a bit of a blue glow around the exhaust vents of the Reavers and Intruders, like i did with the dropships.

All in all, i’m happy with the results.

I have a game planned for Saturday vs a UCM player. I should have everything painted + cleaned up by then.

I have about 1000pts of Scourge, enough to make 4 or 5 battlegroups at the Skirmish level. I’ll be proxying a Command Vehicle called a Desolator (i currently dont have one and wont be able to pick one up till after X-Mas).


I’m thinking of the following for my game on saturday…

Scourge Oppressors:
Desolator (CV4)
Minder Swarm + 2 Intruder Beta’s

Scourge Vanguard:
3 Hunters + Marauder Medium Dropship
3 Reaper’s + Marauder Medium Dropship

Scourge Warrior Cabal:
2 x Warrior Hordes w/ 2 x Invader APC’s + Marauder Medium Dropship

Scourge Occupation Patrol:
Prowler Pack + 2 Intruder Beta’s
2 Reaver Gunships

On my wish list for next year will be more infantry, tanks and dropships.

Wish me luck for saturday…

– from The Man Cave

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