I got a new Gundam (Iron Blooded Orphans McGillis Schwalbe Graze to be exact)


I got a new Gundam, High Grade Iron Blooded Orphans McGillis Schwalbe Graze, jaysus thats a mouthful and a half.

I was lucky enough to get mine from…


In the box you get…


…3 bags of sprues, an instruction guide and some advertisements.

unlike with my Barbatos kit, i didnt get a little game card with this kit. I dont know how true it is but i have been previous been told that the little game cards were only included with the first production run of the Iron Blooded Orphans Gundams. Oh well…

In the bags, you’ll find 7 sprues, a sprue of polycaps and a small sticker sheet…


… the sprues are molded in 2 shades of blue (a light and a dark colour) and 2 different shades of gray (again a light and a dark shade).

With the sticker sheet i had a bit of a problem.


First is the V- shaped sticker for the head. It has to be position correctly so it doesnt block a slit that the top part of the head attaches to, then you have to fold it over. Its understandable, but would have been nice to have separate parts.


For the most part the Schwalbe is a similar build to the standard Graze Gundam (the green grunt suit from IBO) but with a few differences shoulder pads, back pack and new leg + arm pieces.

Accessory wise he comes with the same weapons as the Graze Gundam. He has an axe and a gun but comes with a cool wrist mounted blade/ harpoon.



As a side note, the wrist blade can be removed from the Schwalbe and added to the Barbatos similar to the Graze’s shoulder pads. I’m not going to show this off just yet as i still need to get a Graze for myself.

The Schwalbe can be further upgraded thru the IBO Option Kit 1. The Option Kit 1 gives the Schwalbe a new gun (a sort of small snub nose machine gun) + a new melee weapon (a lance type weapon), best of all these 2 slot together to make 1 piece.

All in all, i really like this kit. It’s similar but different enough so not to be repeatable.

– from The Man Cave


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