We’re Coming in Hot… Adventures in Dropzone Commander Part 2

I managed to get the kids to bed the other night on time, and got to work on my Scourge Starter Set.

Yeah Me!!!

Over a couple of hours I managed to get my 3 dropships, 2 APC’s and 6 tanks about 90% completed.





I have the infantry base coated, hopefully i’ll have the chance to paint them up tonight.

I managed to drop in on my local store yesterday while doing some X- Mas shopping and picked up a few more pieces…


All in all, for my Scourge army (once i get every thing assembled and painted) I’ll have:

3 Marauder medium dropships
2 Intruder Beta light dropships
2 Invader APC’s
3 Hunter tanks
3 Reaper anti- air tanks
1 Prowler pack (8 models)
1 Minder swarm (8 models)
2 Reaver gunships
2 Warrior hordes (3 bases each horde)

I still need to get a Commander but what i currently have is a nice start to ‘My Adventures in Dropzone Commander’…

– from The Man Cave

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