We’re Coming in Hot… Adventures in Dropzone Commander


Like a fair few people, with the success of Hawk Wargames successful Kickstarter of Dropfleet Commander, I’ve gotten the bug to dip back into Dropzone Commander.

I have one of the Premium Scourge Starter Sets (the ones that come with a KR Multicase).


They are a decent deal as you do get some bang for your buck. You get the starter army (which is about 500 points) ,Command Cards and a case. As opposed to the normal Starter Set, where you only get your Starter Army.


Playstyle wise, the Scourge are known as a Glass Cannon (meaning they’re fast, hit hard but can’t take it in return due to low armour and short range fire power).

All the Scourge vehicles have a sort of techno-organic look to them that i’ve always really liked. To me the Scourge troop carrier has a sort of slug like appearance.


I had a chance last night to put them altogether and probably will be getting more in the nxt week or two (christmas permitting) to build up to a 1500 point list.


On my shopping list will be a HQ choice, thinking possibly a 2nd starter and some Prowlers (little crab like walkers) + a transport for them.

I still have to update the Command Cards to the 1.1 version rule set but thanks to Hawk Wargames this is easily done thru their free downloads section on their website here. Its just a case of printing them off then sleveing them up.

As its a school night hopefully (if i get the kids to bed on time) i’ll get a chance to base coat them and get started with painting them. At the mo i’m thinking of a dark grey with a purple dry brush as the paint scheme.

I have to read back thru the rulebook to fimiliarize myself with the rules. I’m going to enjoy rereading the fluff, and cant wait to get my first game in.

– from The Man Cave

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