I got a new Gundam (System Base 001 to be exact)


If you havent noticed by now its not a Gundam, to be exact, this time round its a display stand. I’ve been eyeing it up for the last few weeks and finally decided to get it.

It was the last one on the shelf at…


In the box you get…


… 3 bags of sprues and an instruction sheet. In the bags you’ll find 5 sprues.


The kit is a quick, simple build, and i enjoyed the build. This is actually my first display base and its a pretty cool one. The kit is designed for the different grades of Gunpla kits. The kit is expandable to allow it to fit High Grade, Real Grade (both of which are 1/144 scale) or Master Grade (1/100 scale). Here we have the finished kit…



The kit will need a little bit of painting to really make it pop but here it is with my High Grade Barbatos in its Master Grade configuration.


Once i have a chance I have the idea to use it as a diarama for the Barbatos. The idea is this…


The only problem i have at the moment is that my misses wont let me display him on the mantle… small details.

– from The Man Cave

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