I got a new Gundam (Iron Blooded Orphans Option Set 1 to be exact)

I got a new Gundam (sort of), High Grade Iron Blooded Orphans Option Set 1 with CGS Mobile Worker.


It’s a weapons upgrade set for the Gundams from the new anime Iron Blooded Orphans.

I was lucky enough to get mine from…


In the box you get…


… a small bag of spues, stickers and a small assembly guide.

In the bag you’ll find just 2 sprues and the sticker sheet.


On a closer look at the sprues you’ll notice all the parts are the same colour.


All the white displayed on the box is supplied either via the sticker sheet or by painting. I can only assume that the parts were all molded in the same colour in order to keep production costs down and to give it as low a price point as possible.

When assembled and the stickers applied to the parts of the Options kit, they look like this…


… and the cute little CGS Mobile Worker looks like this…


Maybe it was me but the Mobile Worker is alot smaller than i expected. Here it is beside Barbatos, so you really see the height difference…


… but he’s so cute, i think i’m gona call him Vinny.

As you might have noticed by now, certain parts will have to be painted if you want them to look anime accurate (namely the lance, shield and Mobile Worker).

As i said the Option kit 1 is a weapons upgrade kit but its not just for Barbatos. Actually the cannon is the only item specifically in the kit for him (but that doesnt mean he cant use the others). Looking back at the box art…


You’ll see that the shield is for the standard Graze (the green guy) and the lance is for the McGillis Schwalbe Graze (the blue guy). The lance actually has a cool little feature were the little machine gun you get slots into it.

In the previous article i did about the High Grade Iron Blooded Orphans lead Gundam Barbatos, I purposefully omitted a feature of that kit. The reason for the omission is this kit. In the Barbatos kit you get two extension pieces for his backpack.


They are used to extend the 2 detachable parts of his backpack into a lowered position so that you can equip the canon you get in the Options 1 kit, like this…


… giving Barbatos a big ass ranged weapon.


Size isnt important, its the calibur of your weapon…


… and Barbatos has it in both departments.

I recently got my HG McGillis Schwalbe Graze kit (the blue guy from the box art) so expect to see more soon.

– from The Man Cave


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