Gundam Club Custom Competition WIP2

It seems like ages since I last touched my Hi- Mock. I have been pretty busy lately with work and family but tonight i had the chance to sit down and work on my entry to my Gundam’s Club competition.

As you might remember i’m using this as my inspiration…


Most of tonight was spent on correcting something I wasnt happy with. I had to go back and redo his ‘clothes’ tonight.

Orginally i was planning on having them in a sort of leather colour. After doing most of it, I noticed it was too close of a colour to his ‘skin’ colour, so i decided to redo them in a darker tone.


They still need a wash and stuff to darken them down but i’m happier now with them after alternating the colours.


I also had time to work on his shield, using the rules of the competition (where all the model parts had to be used), i incorporated the Hi- Mocks head into his shield…


I even began work on his weapon, a spear. I orginally was thinking of just using the spear from the HG GM Striker kit but I had a bit of a brain wave.

I was going to mix the primitive with the advanced, and make a sort of primative beam saber spear.


Using a bit of sprue, glue, some twine and a spare beam saber handle, I made this…


I got a good bit done tonight, even managed to start on his new head but its time to head to bed myself.

Expect more soon as the deadline for the competition is only a few more weeks away.

– from The Man Cave


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