Gundam Club, ‘Build Fighters’


On Saturday the 24th, i finally had the chance to attend the monthly meet of my local Gundam Club (i’m usually stuck in work). It was the first time in months that i was able to attend.

I’m unsure how other Gundam Clubs are run or organized but with ours how it works is basically people show up, we build a Gundam, and then we play a modified version of a tabletop game with them.

Our club is kindly hosted and supplied with Gundams by…


For the club I brought along my newest Gundam so i could get him finished.


I’ve done a previous article on High Grade Iron Blooded Orphans Barbatos so i won’t dwell (too much) on how cool this kit is.

I managed to get Barbatos finished in time to play in the first round of the club’s tabletop game ‘Build Fighters’.

‘Build Fighters’ is based of another system but has been modified and evolved by members in the club to its current state.

So how ‘Build Fighters’ works is really quite simple. A Player would either bring or build a Gundam fitted out to their liking.

So some Gundams could be little more than gun barrels and rocket launchers, others a whirlwind of melee death, while others could take a more balanced approach.

For myself i took Barbatos with his big ass mace and equiped him with 2 Beam Rifles (which came from my Powered GM Cardigan). Giving him both a ranged and melee threat.


For ‘Build Fighters’ we used terrain from Hawk Wargames, makers of Dropzone Commander.


The system works on a D20 (a 20 sided dice) + a D6 (a 6 sided dice) system. You roll to hit with the D20 and if successful, you roll damage using the D6.


We deploy in ‘sectors’ of the game board, then, have at you!!!

I was too aggressive, too early. I went straight for the nearest Gundam Suit and was eaten alive.


The head and both arms of my Gundam were destroyed, effectively making me useless. So I decided to push the big red button and try to take someone with me with a reactor overload.


Unfortunately, I didnt get to take anyone with me #sadpanda. Unlike others in the game, who managed to take someone with them when their reactor was breached.


Despite being effectively an eight man (or Gundam) Royal Rumble, the game played surprisingly fast and was highly enjoyable.

I cant wait for the next meet up and the next round of ‘Build Fighters’. Next time round i’m gona eat some one up.

– from The Man Cave

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