Knights of the Old Republic for Android

About 10 years ago I originally played Knights of the Old Republic (or Kotor, as its commonly known) on the original Xbox, as hard as it is to believe there was an Xbox before the Xbox One.

Now I have a little confession to make… Although I’ve played the game at least a dozen times, I’ve only played the game to the end once. That’s one of the reasons why I got it for my Android Tablet.

I’ll try and keep spoilers to a minimum but hey its a 10 year old game (so if there is one or two it’s your own fault for not playing it before now).

Kotor is a role playing, turn based video game developed by Bioware and published by LucasArts. One of the biggest game features is that it featues full voice acting of characters. The game is based thousands of years before the Star Wars films. At the start of the game you choose from 3 different classes of character (a Soldier, a Scout, and a Scoundrel), then as the game progresses you can choose again between 3 more classes.

The game starts off with you waking up from a bad dream on a Republic warship called The Endar Spire, which just so happens to be under attack from the Sith (the Ender Spire also has a cameo role in the Star Wars MMORPG The Old Republic) . Your given the mission of getting a Jedi off the ship and to safety.


After a little bit of fighting and exploring on the Endar Spire you find out that the Jedi your looking for has already done a legger and jumped ship (the cad). So you and your first companion (Carth) abandon ship and crash land on the planet Taris, with the Sith in hot pursuit. Its not long till you discover your first companion has a few trust issues.


After completing quests you are reunited with your Jedi (Bastilla) and she becomes a playable party member. You also meet up with an additional 2 party members, a Twileek (Mission) and a Wookie (Zarbak I think his name is) during your search for Bastilla.


From this point, you have to figure out a way to get off the planet and away from the Sith. A local Mandaloran mercenary called Canderous Ordo (who also becomes a party memeber) has a plan to get you and him off world. All you have to do is raid a military base and double cross the local crime lord. Simple right? With Canderous’s help you raid the base, steal the crime lords prized ship (The Ebon Hawk) and do a legger off planet. Just in time too…


… Cause the Sith bomb Taris back to the stone age.

So what makes this a great game?

Its the story, pure and simple. Bioware have become masters at telling stories with games such as Dragon Age and Mass Effect but for me, this is were some of their best work is.

Along your journey you encounter situations that will have you choose between the light or dark side. The choice you make may have further consequences. You’ll meet more party members. You’ll uncover past secrets, trecharies, betryals and redemptions. Travel to different planets in order to stop the Sith and perform quests. Some to progress the story and some optional ones.

Each of your party members has their own little side/ back stories which you can choose to complete (remember what i said about Carth and his trust issues).

Even at its release the game graphics werent cutting edge but between the story and voice acting in the game you’ll be drawn in. The game has been updated for use on touch screen devices. Which allows for you accessing your inventory, equipment, pausing/ saving and journal easier.

The game is available for both Apple and Android devices, so if you have the chance i would highly reccommend you get the game.

– from The Man Cave


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