I got a new Gundam (Iron Blooded Orphans Barbatos to be exact)


I got a new Gundam, and to be honest i’m dead excited about it.

As usual i got my Gundam from…


It’s the lead Gundam from the new Gundam Anime Iron Blooded Orphans called Barbatos.

In the box you get the following…


… 2 bags of sprues, an instruction sheet, a sheet of stickers, an advertisements for a new Gundam game (which as far as i know is available only in japan), an advertisement for a new Gundam DVD and 2 collectable cards. Apologies for my camera it has a mind of its own when it comes to focusing.


As soon as i began assembly i noticed the instruction guide has gotten a bit of an upgrade compared to other kits i’ve assembled.


The head and chest assembly feaures some lovely details. From the spine and pistons in the chest to the armour on the head.


…and the back


In the first episode of the anime it makes reference to how parts of the Gundam was sold off, which tie into the ‘gimmick’ of the series. You see Barbatos is upgradeable with parts from other Gundams in the series and has different forms.

I present to you Barbatos in his finished state. I havent added his stickers yet as i really want to panel line him first.


For accessories for Barbatos you get a big ass mace, a katanna like sword, shoulder pads and an extra arm. Personally i prefer him with his shoulder pads and buckler arm.

I personally love this new Gundam design. Although the ‘classic’ gundam colours (white, blue, red, and yellow) have been kept, the suit design is new. Which for someone (like me) who was never really a fan of the ‘classic’ Gundam suit look, it looks great.

Barbatos has a more slimmer, stripped down appearance than some may be familiar with for a lead Gundam. I’ve heard and read people complain about the design of his legs but personally i like them. To me, they give Barbatos a real sense of speed and the predatory, especially when equiped with his big ass mace.

This kit is like a mini Master Grade kit, in that Barbatos has an inner frame to which his armour attaches to. His articulation is great and he’s able to hold his mace or sword in alot of poses without any issues.

If you were looking for your first Gundam kit or just a new kit i couldnt recommend this kit enough, it ticks all the boxes as far as i’m concerned. From build difficulty, accessories, to appearance, to poseability and to playability.

Barbatos also has a separate options kit which i’ll be showing off soon. The options kit really shows off another feature of this kit but you’ll have to wait and see.

– from The Man Cave

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