Gundam Club Custom Competition

As i mentioned in a previous post my Gundam Club is running a Gundam custom competition at the moment with a deadline of November 28th.  The model to be used is the 1/144 High Grade Build Fighters Hi- Mock.


For the competition the Hi- Mock’s were supplied by Dublin City Comics.

The rules of the competion are easy enough. Firstly, all the parts of the actual Gundam must be used. Secondly, you can add whatever parts you wish to the Gundam.

In the actual Hi- Mock box you get…


The instruction sheet and a small bag of sprues.


You get 2 sprues in the bag (a sort of military green and one of a grey shade), a sprue of polycaps and a very small sheet of stickers.

At the risk of giving away my idea for my custom to others in my group, i’m going to share it with yourselves. The idea i had was…


…Spartan Hi- Mock GB.

As per the rules i’ll be using all of the Gundam. I’ll be using the Hi- Mock’s head as its shield (a little small but it’ll do). I have a spare head from another kit that after a little trimming and green stuff will look like a Spartan helmet with plume. I’ll be using green stuff for making the clasp for his cloak and some red crepe paper for the cloak. So far the biggest issue will be painting him in skin tones. For his spear i’m left with a hard choice. I can try and make one from scratch or kit bash one from another kit i have (although it would mean using up a certain weapon from certain other kit).

I’ve base coated the Gundam yesterday and plan to work on him over the next few days, so when i have more work done on him i’ll have an update for you all.

Hopefully i can do a half decent job.

– from The Man Cave


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