On the road to the WTC 2016 Part 2 – The All Ireland Championship Round 1, Game 1

On the 6th of October, approximately 7:30pm, I started my first game of round 1 in the All Ireland Championship. My opponent, was Brian Leonard, aka Lenny.


Stupid shakey hands and camera, ruining all my lovely pictures…..

We exchanged lists and rolled for scenario. We rolled the scenario ‘Two Fronts’. The ‘Two Fronts’ scenario consists of 2 rectangle zones (12″ long by 6″ wide) with an objective in each zone. The scenario has a rule known as Killbox (basically if your Warcaster/ Warlock isnt a certain amount of distance from the table edge your opponent is awarded 2 Control Points).

Lenny had opted to play Cygnar, and brought with him lists for Haley 1 and Stryker 2. For my Warcasters I opted for Lucant and Iron Mother Directrix from Convergence of Cryiss.

Lenny chose his Haley 1 list to play and i chose my Lucant list.

My Lucant list was:

Optifex Directive
Min Reductors + UA
Perforators + UA
Enigma Foundry
2 x Clockwork Angels
2 x Reflex Servitors
Elimination Servitors

Lenny’s Haley 1 list for our game was (as best as i remember):

Haley 1
Stormwall (a Colossal)
The Black 13th Gun Mage character unit
Gun Mages + UA
Eiryss 2, Angel of the Retribution
Tempest Blazers
Lady Aiyana & Master Holt

I won the dice roll and chose sides. We then deployed our forces…



First turn was basically everybody runs and gets a good position for turn 2. Lucant advanced, cast ‘Watcher’, ‘Deceleration’ and pop’d his Feat. This was important as due to all of Lenny’s ranged attacks from the Stormwall, Gun Mages and Tempest Blazers i would have otherwise lost alot of my army (+2 defense and +6 armour from ‘Deceleration + Feat is great vs a ranged army).


Second turn, Lenny cast Haley 1’s spell ‘Temporal Barrier’ which prevents models in her Control Range performing Charges/ Runs and lowers their defense by 2. Moved up his Rangers for a further defense debuff. Put down some Covering Fire templates from his Stormwall. Took some shots. All in all, i only lost 2 models i believe.

My turn 2, I Assaulted his Objective, killed it, and gained 1 Control Point. Due to ‘Temporal Barrier’ i could only then advance further up the board. Lucant recast ‘Deceleration’ and advanced. My Cipher took 2 pot shots at his Gun Mages. I moved 2 Clockwork Angels up to engage his Stormwall and a Ranger. Another lone Angel moved up to engage Eiryss and keep her out of the fight.


Turn 3, the wheels came off the bus… Lenny repositioned Haley 1, Recast ‘Temporal Barrier’, then pop’d her Feat (Haley’s Feat basically allows her army to make an extra attack). Aiyanna put ‘Harm’ (a damage buff) on my Perforators and Holt let them eat hot lead. The Black 13th finally managed to clear off the Angels that were jamming up his Stormwall. Only after all the Gun Mages missed their shots. His Stormwall advanced and destroyed my Objective claiming Lenny 1 CP. His advance triggered Lucants ‘Watcher’ spell. I repositioned my Cipher. He then dropped a Lightning Pod and disrupted the Cipher. His Tempest Blazers tore thru my Obstructors with Electro Leap shots. Eiryss was still jammed up though.


My turn 3… To be honest i felt my options were limited. Due to 2 things. Lucants position, i had blocked him in :'(, and Haleys Feat. Haleys Feat had decimated my forces. I moved my Obstructors up to engage the Black 13th, a swing and a miss. I managed to kill one of the Black 13th with my Reductors. I was left with a hard decision on what to do with Lucant and his Battle Group (all my Vectors or Jacks, as they are known in other factions).

I saw 3 options:

A. Go in on the Stormwall and hope for hot dice.
B.Upleep ‘Watcher’ and Run away. Make a run for the opposite zone but that would leave me exposed to a charging Stormwall.
C. Upkeep ‘Watcher’, full camp my remaining Focus and run at Haley.

I went with option A. My disrupted Cipher advanced up to the Stormwall and took its inital attacks. Lucant advanced, cast ‘Positive Charge’ (an attack + damage buff) on the Cipher and started swinging away at the Stormwall. My hope was to do enough damage to take out its Cortex, so that it couldnt boost to Hit or Damage Lucant. Although i destroyed the Stormwalls right side and did good damage to its left, it wasnt to be.

Lenny loaded the Stormwall with 3 Focus and smashed Lucant to tiny clockwork pieces. So game 1 ended in an assassination of my Warcaster.

Hind sight is a great thing. Looking back over the game there is things i could/ should have done better but living is learning.

The funniest part of the game was when Lenny was trying to clear off a lone Clockwork Angel from his Stormwall and it turned into a maths nightmare…

Defence 14 of Angel + 2 defence vs ranged + 2 defence and armour from Deceleration + 4 defense from being engaged – 2 defense from Haleys Temporal Barrier = ?

It’s a good thing we werent playing on a clock. Heres to doing better in game 2.

– from The Man Cave

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