On the road to the WTC 2016 Part 1 – The pre-ramble

The World Team Championships for Warmachine and Hordes 2015 has come and gone… Now the build up for 2016 has begun. The WTC 2016 is to be held in the Netherlands, with a preliminary date of September 24th to the 25th. It’s to be held at Center Parcs De Eemhof, a mediterranean themed family vacation parc in the south-east tip of the province of Flevoland next to the Eemmeer.

The process of assembling players for Ireland’s 2 teams Team Ceol and Team Craic has begun and just like last year I’ve stuck my name in the hat. Just like last year I’ll be playing Convergence of Cyriss or CoC as my faction is commonly known as… (god, I love my CoC). Two new captains for the teams have been selected, Pete Croft and Daniel Porter.

Part of the selection process is, of course playing as many games as you can. Attending as many of competitive events up to and including the Irish Masters.

Kicking off the year is The All Ireland Championships. A draw was held at the WTC for the first round of games.

**Disclaimer** The Following video contains alcohol, bad language, and drunk people. So… Probably not suitable for work or people under 18 years of age.

My first game is vs Brian Leonard aka Lenny. Lenny plays Cygnar, Retribution of Scyrah and Minions. As I don’t know what faction Lenny will be playing, I’ll be playing my tried and tested Lucant list.

Optifex Directive
2 x Clockwork Angels
2 x Reflex Servitors
Elimination Servitors
Min Reductors + UA
Perforators + UA
Enigma Foundry

As to my second list, I can’t seem to decide at the moment. I’m on the fence between an Aurora infantry list I’ve been playing and an Iron Mother Directrix Tier 4 list.

I have my first game vs Lenny this Tuesday so wish me well.

– from The Man Cave


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