Dub’s do Star Wars…

With the conclusion of Wil Wheaton’s Season 1 of Titans Grave on Geek and Sundry (I can’t believe its been 10 weeks already) its gotten me tempted to try a RPG.

Its been years since I have played a RPG and even then I have never been a Games Master but… Why the hell not.

I really enjoyed Titans Grave and following great reviews of the series by a fellow blogger The Role Players Guild I’m going to role with Fantasy Flight Games Beginner Box Set of Star Wars.

The Plan is get 1 of the Box Set’s (there’s 3 to choose from), assemble a group, and butcher Star Wars…

I collected the third beginners box today, ‘Force and Destiny’, from my local games store and once I get the kids to bed will be reading thru the rules.


Initial plans are to host the game over Google Hangout, roughly every week to fortnight. If my computer can handle it… Hopefully the games will be posted to YouTube. And if not pic’s will be taken and a little write up done.

So In a Galaxy your in, 5 Dubs attempt to Role Play Star Wars.

With out a Clue between them, 5 Dub’s take on the challenge of Fantasy Flight’s Star Wars RPG Beginner Box….

Character’s will be chosen, Persona’s Personified, Someone will shoot their Blaster load, and someone’s bound to play a randy Droid at some point….

Come join us as we butcher the Star Wars Universe and try not to giggle like little school girls….

– from The Man Cave

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