Yummy Food… Baked Tomato + Egg

The other half is always on some diet or joining some weight loss club, and is always asking for help with her food plan.

This is a brekie/ lunch I make for her a couple of times a week. She loves it. She calls it her Speed Protein meal.

Its quick and simple. not much prep time and you can have it for breakie or lunch.

So what you’ll need is:

1 medium egg
1 tomato
garlic powder
2 slices of bacon/ rashers


So first step is cut the top of your tomato and using a spoon scoop out the inside.


next up line a baking tray or similar with tin-foil. The next bit took me a little while to figure out but once i did it was a D’ uhh moment. you’ll see why in a sec.

Take the ‘lid’ of the tomato and cut into 4 parts. Place the tomato in the baking tray and use the parts of the ‘lid’ as support struts. Cause if you dont the egg rolls out of the tomato and all over the place.


Next up crack the egg and pour it into the tomato. Give it a sprinkle of garlic powder.


Add your rashers/ bacon to the baking tray and place in the oven. I cook it in the oven for about 10 mins, give or take, at about 180°C.

You’ll know its ready when the egg is solid within the tomato. When ready it’ll look something similar to this…


All thats to be done now is to stick it on a plate and dig in.


The other half says the tomato gives the egg a great flavour… and she doesnt leave anything on her plate so it must be good.

Why not give it a try and a taste.

– from The Man Cave


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