Miniature 13 – Kickstarter Update #2

Back in February of this year we showed off Miniature 13’s Kickstarter.


Their Kickstarter was only for about 2 weeks, with a goal of about €3,000. Their aim was to simply raise enough to produce the first in their lines of miniatures. They reached their goal and will soon be sending out their goodies to all their backers 😁

In the time between launching their Kickstarter and now, they’ve been teasing us with some of the 3D renders of their forthcoming miniatures.

The first teasers were for their character Rayne…


And their Overseer…


Next followed the Eral Controller…


And most recently we’ve had a teaser for Scarecrow…


And Lucius…


We have even been teased recently with the prototype for the Eral Controller with an alt head sculpt.



Incase you missed their Kickstarter fear not, you are still able to get your hands on their mini’s at Kickstarter pledge levels and prices thru their Backerkit.

And if you just want to keep up to date with how things develop with their mini’s, why not head over and ‘Like’ their Facebook page?

With more teasers due soon, I can’t wait to get these baby’s on my table.

– from The Man Cave

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