On the road to the WTC 2015 Part 8 – Hobocon 4… It’s a thing now


HoboCon 4... Its a thing now

I’ve been going to HoboCon since the first one. As a matter of fact HoboCon was the first Con I went to when I first started playing Warmachine/ Hordes. Back at the first one, the Warmachine/ Hordes tournament was only 5 tables, in a small room. Ohh how we’ve grown.

HoboCon 4 ran from May 30th to June 1st at The Teachers Club on Parnell Square, Dublin.

So if your looking at the dates you’ll notice I’m running behind on this one (and a few others to be honest)…

For HoboCon 4 there was 3 Warmachine/ Hordes events running over the course of the Con. On saturday there was a WTC style team event, on sunday there was a 50 point Masters event and on the monday they held a 25 point begineers event. Unfortunately I could only make it to the team event on saturday.

For the Team Event we had 6 Teams of 5 people. The team tournament was based on the World Team Championship format. I was on Team Dublin, which consisted of Ciaran Bolger (playing Skorne), Stuart Gorman (playing Khador), John Foster (playing Trolls), ‘Lovely’ Mike (playing Protectorate of Menoth) and myself (playing Convergence).

I brought my Father Lucant + Aurora lists. My lists were:

Father Lucant
Optifex Directive
Reflex Servitors x 2
Elmination Servitors
Clockwork Angels x 2
Minimum Reductors + UA
Perforators + UA
Enigma Foundry

Mitigator x 2
Reflex Servitors x 2
Elmination Servitors
Minimun Reductors + UA
Perforators + UA
Clockwork Angels x 2
Enigma Foundry
Algorithmic Dispersion Optifex

While doing a Google search looking for some pic’s for this post using ‘HoboCon’ as the search word, the below image was one of the first to pop up…


Not a totally inaccurate representation of the day…


There was a great turnout on the day. Orginally there was supposed to be enough for 8 Teams of 5 but with any Con, some times there is drop outs due to life and work (work being the reason for me not attending the other 2 events).


The Team Tournament was for 3 rounds with every member of a team playing one game every round using ‘Deathclock’.

My first game of round 1 was against a Cygnar player playing P.Caine, I played my Father Lucant list.


Thru the use of Father Lucants spell ‘Deceleration’ (which grants +2 defense and +2 armour vs ranged attacks) and Lucants Feat (which grants +4 armour) I lost very little during the course of the game.


The game ended with a win by Assassination for me by a ‘Positive Charge’d’ Lucant.

In Round 2 I was up verses a Skorne player who was playing the Warlock Xerxis theme list ‘Fists of Halaak’.


Unfortunately for me I’ve had little table time verses Skorne or this list (which happens to be a main list for many Skorne players).

‘Deceleration’ again helped in this match up but with my opponents list having access to 3″ AOE’s that have the continous fire effect, i lost alot of models. I ‘clocked’ myself in this game but not before I killed his Titan Gladiator Heavy Warbeast. So that was a loss for me but good game.

My third game was against a Khador player playing Butcher3 as his warcaster. Yet again the battery on my phone died, so no photo’s for this round 😥

My Elmination Servitors did some work this round killing off his Iron Fang Pikemen. My Perforators managed to hold a zone basically all by themselves vs a unit of Pikemen and a Colossal. During the game we had to call a judge to help us work out what happens when Lucant shield guarded a Crit Devistation from my opponents Colossal. The game ended when i baited my opponent into using his Feat + Focus stack into killing my entire unit of Obstructors.

He used ‘Flashing Blade’, ‘Energized’, ‘ ‘Flashing Blade’ then charged, Feated and finished off the unit. It really was impressive but I then sent a ‘Positive Charge’d’ Lucant in to seal the deal. So a win by assassination for me.

The day ended with 2 wins and a loss for myself. Whats more Team Dublin ended up in second place… Woo Hoo!!! Team Dublin even managed to place better than one of the Irish WTC teams.

A great day was had by all and I cant wait till HoboCon 5.

– from The Man Cave


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