Golem Arcana’s New Living World Campaign “Realm of Cinders”

The world of Eretsu trembles as the golems of the Durani, the Gudanna and The Mercenary Kings continue their march to war. In the newest chapter of Golem Arcana’s Living World Campaign the war has moved westward to The Wildwood, home of the Zikia tribes.


“The Zikia tribes that reside in the Wildwood call themselves the Forest Born,
and most follow a central tenet of reverence of life in all its forms.
To upset the balance of nature is anathema to these wild and varied people.” — Neraada Bahar, Imperial Scribe

“The Zura will defend the Wildwood against all that would defile her.
Be they Durani or Gudanna, we shall show any invaders that the Zikia still have thorns.” — Ajin of  the Zura Tribe


Chapter 1 of The realm of Cinders began May 6th and ran till June 3rd. Chapter 2 is about to launch and will run from June 10th till June 30th. The final chapter, Chapter 3 will then run from July 8th till July 28th.

Each scenario introduces a new map layout, victory conditions and storytelling opportunities. As part of Golem Arcana’s living campaigns, games played will determine how GA’s fiction develops.

In last falls living campaign scenarios the Zikia were limited to choosing between the Gudanna and the Durani to fight for in the opening stages of the war. In the Realm of Cinders, the Mercenary Kings (the Zikia and the Urugal) are finally fighting for themselves and for the Zikia of the Wildwood.

When I started to first play Golem Arcana the game was basically limited to just 3 golems for each of the 4 (Durani, Gudanna, Zikia and Urugal) factions, now there’s roughly 50 golems available. That’s not even counting all the additions to the Golem knights, Ancient Ones and Relics that’s available in the game.

If you haven’t had a chance i’ld recommend giving the game a whirl, and if not the game then maybe some of the fiction that’s already available free to read on the Golem Arcana’s website.


– from The Man Cave


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