I’m a bad Daddy…

As a wargamer i’m always on the look out for terrain for my games.

Harking back to the days when i played Warhammer 40K, i would scratch build terrain for games from what i could find Lego, coffee stirers, foam board or old toys. It was all game.

Every friday i give my kids their pocket money. The youngest one goes ape for Kinder Eggs. In case you’ve never seen them Kinder Eggs have a chocolate shell with a toy in the center.

I dont know how true the above is but i know E129 is banned (which is in alot of sweets this side of the pond).

Note to self, dont eat anything containing E129, or you could be arrested for smuggling…

A while back they released a new version.

Which comes with a bigger toy. This time it was a spinning top.

Early in the year Privateer Press released their Steamroller organized play document for Warmachine and Hordes.

In Steamroller 2015 during list creation your required to choose an objective to include in your army. The obectives all share the same stat’s but vary in their abilities. One takes less damage at range, one when within a certain distance allows your Jacks/ Beasts run/ charge for free, another one makes you immune to blast damage for example.

The one i have been including in my Lucant list is called Arcane Wonder. It has a spell casting benefit and a defensive ability.

When i saw my daughters Kinder Egg toy i knew i wanted it. image

After all doesnt it look nicer as an objective for my wargames. All it needs now is a lick of paint and we’re good to go.

I guess i’ll have to buy her a new one, to make it up to her… I wonder what toy she’ll get this time…

– from The Man Cave


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