On the road to the WTC 2015 Part 7 – AdamCon 3 High Infidelity

Its been a while since i last posted for this series. Partly due to not being able to attend any tournements and partly due to work and family but just Sunday gone (the 24th of May) I got to attend my first in months.

Myself and 2 others (Brian Leonard aka Lenny and Eoin Brennan) began the long trek across the border to attended AdamCon 3 – High (In)Fidelity at the North Down Wargaming Center.

Now time for a bit of a spoiler… I didnt make it onto any of the Irish Teams for the WTC… #Sadpanda… Ahh well…

Sunday was a day of a few firsts for me. First time to travel on the Luas. First time to travel to attend a tournament in a different country (technically it was only a short Luas trip + a 2 hour drive up the road, but hey, its still a different country).

I met up with Brian at McDonalds on Jervis st for a quick breakie before we got the Luas.

On the Luas we passed by the home of the Black Stuff…

And Hueston station…

We met up with Eoin at the Red Cow Luas stop and the road trip began…

After about 2 hours we arrived… In the shade of an old castle (it’s more impressive in person)…

We arrived at the North Down Wargaming Center.

The format was a 35 point list with a second list optional, 45 minute death clock variant. I brought 2 lists with me (the warcasters i brought were Lucant and Aurora). The lists i brought were:

Optifex directive
Enigma Foundry
Minimum unit of Reductors + UA
Clockwork Angels x 2
Reflex Servitors

Mitigator x 2
Perforators + UA
Enigma foundry
Minimum unit of Reductors + UA
Reflex seevitors x 2
Elmination servitors
Algorithmic dispersion Optifex

(Convergence models/ units sure do have some mad names)

Unfortuneately my camera started to act up so i didnt manage to get any photos of my games (note to self, must remember to charge my phone).

First game was verse Trollbloods (P.Madrak). My opponent had the character heavy beast Mulg, an Earthborne heavy beast, a Mauler heavy beast, an Axer light beast and a warlock attachment. As always Trolls are a hard match up for Convergence due to their Animi. The game came down to his crippled Earthborne Heavy needing an 8 to hit Lucant (he rolled a 6, 1, 1) then a 5 to assassinate Lucant on 1 dice (which he rolled). So first game was a defeat.

My second game was verses Cryx (Goreshade3 with all the banes). I played Aurora. Due to a mishap with the Deathclock setting (it was set at 1 hour instead of 45 mins) i clocked myself. So that was another loss.

My 3rd game was vs Khador (P. Sorcha). I played Lucant. My opponet had Beast 09 (a character Heavy Warjack) and the Great Bears (a 3 man character unit) in his list because of these and P.Sorcha’s boundless charge spell i had to give him 2 Control Points by kill boxing myself to keep Lucant safe. He scored another 2 on his turn by getting P.Sorcha base to base with my flag. So by the end of his turn, he was at 4 CP’s . Luckily for me due to his charge angle he wasn’t able to get his Feat off. I activated Lucant, cast Positive Charge on my Cipher, killed the models in front of the Cipher. Cipher activated and charged P.Sorcha, hitting at Mat 8, P+S 20, he sealed the deal for the win.

So the day ended with only 1 win for myself… Ohh well, fun was had. The 2 lads i went with did so much better with Eoin getting first and Brian getting second place.

Until next time…

– from The Man Cave

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