I bought myself a Gundam (Powered GM Cardigan to be exact)…

So due to a mish mash of coincedences and timing i’ve bought myself my first Gundam and joined a Gundam Club.


A little disclaimer, incase i annoy someone with my ignorance. I know basically nothing about Gundam. I know there has been multiple tv shows, anime films, games etc that carried the name. I know its to do with big, bad ass robots that have lots of guns but thats about it.

I’m unsure what to class Gundam ‘kits’ as. Toys, models, miniatures, action figures, they all seem to fit. For now i’m just going to stick with ‘Kit(s)’ so dont give out to me for not knowing, getting things mixed up or for leaving something out.

So how did this happen you might ask (you probably didnt but i’m going to tell you any ways).

Basically i was supposed to go somewhere (X) and do something (Y) but had neither the time (Z) or the inclination (A) and i ended up somewhere else (B). Dublin City Comics to be exact.

I had a little money in my pocket and was browsing when 2 lads i know came into the shop. We started talking and before i knew it i had bought my first Gundam and followed them down into the ‘Geek-Ezy’ to the Gundam club.

So what did i learn at Gundam club. Well for one thing there is different ‘grades’ of Gundam kits. There is the High Grade (HG), the Master Grade (MG) and the Real Grade (RG). The different grades denote how ‘advanced’ the ‘kit’ is in terms of components, articulation, colour applications etc. The three grades vary in price going from High Grade to Master Grade to Real Grade. I learned that there is basically a ‘kit’ for every Gundam that has ever showed up in a Gundam show. I learned that in Japan about 90% of all model ‘kits’ sold are related to Gundam.

The Gundam i picked up was of the High Grade variety based on one of the characters from the latest (i believe) Gundam show Team Try Fighters.

I have to confess i was a bit unsure about having a Gundam. I didnt know what to expect in the box. I assumed it was a large miniature/ figure you assembled in a static pose. I was Soooo wrong.

As some one who comes from a background of assembling and painting Warhammer 40K, Warmachine, Infinity etc models. I was totally blown away by the Gundam ‘kit’ i got and by the other ‘kits’ people in the club had.

So heres what came in my box.

There was 8 sprues of precoloured molded pastic, 1 sprue of poly-caps and an instruction sheet. Although the instruction sheet is in Japanese the instructions are so detailed you dont need to be able to read Japanese.

After only about an hour of assembly i had most of the upper body assembled. Cardie says ‘Hi’ to everyone. After about 2 and a half hours i had the whole ‘kit’ assembled.

The poses achieveable on the High Grade Gundam’s is amazing to me. I think i’m in love. Its been mentioned to me to add panel lines and possibly some custom colourings to enhance the appearance. I’m going to have a look into this as some of the lads have done theirs and they look amazeballs.

I think i’ll be getting myself some more big boy toys.

I’ll leave you all with some more pictures of my Powered GM Cardigan in different poses.




– from The Man Cave


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